Virtual World - Build Your Own Zoo

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Educational Features

-Choose a habitat based on level of difficulty. Harsh climates equate to more difficult levels.

-Economics focus - budgeting, choosing expenditures, weighting cost/benefits, banker page allows you analyze income versus spending

-Caring for animals - needs, proper food, quality of food, happier animals reproduce and give you more animals in your zoo

-Marketing and promotions - decide how to get more visitors to your zoo, appropriate price to maintain interest

-Hiring employees and judging how many employees are needed to complete tasks.

Features to Add

-Ability to do things without the zoo having to refresh in between each step.

-Task menu on side for level goals.

-More concise and explanatory tutorial to help understand specific game goals.

-More activities to do with less funds.

-"Undo" feature for mistakes - ex: I typed an extra 0 when trying to hit enter - spent almost all of my money on surplus stock.

Things that Inhibit Learning

-Students would lose focus with the constant need for the page to refresh.

-Younger students would need guidance on how to navigate, even after the tutorial.

-Visitor refresh happens in a non-USA timezone, which can be confusing for students.

-Lack of ways to gain funds in between waiting for each new set of visitors.