Top Four Places To Go

By: Emily Mejia

Chulamar Guatemala

Chulamar Guatemala such a beautiful place where you relax and no one will judge you by your appearance. I would love to go to Guatemala see my family go to the beaches visit the Mayan ruins. It is a very beautiful place where people can enjoy the beautiful sights from churches to beaches. The amazing and precise architecture is flawless. Although most people don't even know about this amazing country in Central America it is one of the first places I would want to go for vacation.

Paris France

Paris France the city of love. Delicious French pastries to the Eiffel Tower. Everyone wants to go to Paris France. And I know exactly why you can croissants and you can stay at 5 star resorts with a view of the Eiffel tower.You can eat pasta at fancy restaurants. Paris is so on my bucket list.

Carrera Lake Santa Cruz Argentina

There has never been a more peaceful place in the world. This lake looks like a sculpture that I could carve out of a sea cliff. It's clam blue waters puddled puddled around the sea stack. It's inside walls white like the purest pearl. There couldn't be any sight more beautiful than this. Even though it's cold it would be a nice place to go in the summer time.

Dead Sea

The dead sea is so not like it's name. It literally has so much salt you could float on it without even trying. The salt in the sea makes your skin really soft. The dead sea is a really cool place to visit. Trust Me!