By Lachie

What is Uranium?

Uranium is a naturally occurring element that is mined from the earth. Uranium is weakly radioactive and is the heaviest naturally occurring element. Uranium is a silver-white lustrous solid that is almost as hard as steel and much denser than lead. The chemical symbol for uranium is U.

Australia's Uranium

Australia is the the worlds top producers of uranium with a stunning one third of the worlds uranium being mined in Australia. In 2010-11 Australia exported 6950 tonnes of uranium costing $610 million to buy all of it.Australia's policies say that we are not allowed to sell uranium to countries that don't have a nuclear cooperation agreement. South Australia, The Northen Territory and Western Australia all allow mining and uranium exploration, while New South Wales and Queensland allow permits for exploration only! Victoria doesn't allow anything to do with mining at all.

The Uranium Council

The Uranium Council's work consists of of four things 1. competitiveness 2. Sustainability 3. stewardship 4. Ingenuous Communication and Economic development.