From Injustice, to Freedom, to Fear

What was done so we could have rights.

The Tennis Court Oath

On June 20, 1789, we found reports from the Third Estate saying what they thought when the Estates General locked them out of the meeting room so that the Third Estate would not be able to vote at all after it was suggested that the vote should be taken by head instead of order, obviously the First and Second Estate were scared because the Third Estate would outvote them due to its large numbers, so they disagreed and locked the Third Estate out. The Third Estate said that, "We will not give up until we have established a new constitution for France." They also said that there might be battles coming soon because the King and the Nobles will try to take our freedom, and boy were they right!
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The Execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

We received reports straight from the executioners of the ex-king Louis XVI, that he attempted to flee the country and soon after had his "king's authority" stripped from him by the Constituent National Assembly. His execution took place On January 21, 1793. Marie was executed ten months later. The guillotine executions were gruesome, but the people loved them.
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The Reign of Terror

A deep crisis began on September 1793, this was known as The Reign of Terror. During this time, thousands of people were killed by the guillotine because they were thought to be enemies of France. The common people are very afraid of their ruler, Robspierre, because of his paranoid nature and most people claim that they are so afraid that they will be the next person accused of being a traitor. This lasted until Robspierre's fall in in July 1794, when he, too was executed by guillotine.

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Articles Written by, Katie J. Yost

Pro freedom, and pro Third Estate.