John G. Harp

John G Harp is a Business Leader

John G Harp in Touch with Community

A characteristic that has defined the political career of John G Harp is that he pours his effort into staying in touch with his community. One of the difficulties that John G Harp has had to face in politics is the fact that he has to leave the community he represents in order to perform his duties in the legislature. Many politicians allow this physical distance to separate them from the desires and needs of their community.

John G Harp actively combatted the trend of losing touch with his constituents. Instead, John G Harp invested time and resources into constantly staying in touch with members of his constituency. John G. Harp encouraged voters to contact him and enlighten him as to the requirements and needs of the community that he represented. As a result of John G Harp's efforts, constituents came to know him as a politician who truly desired to represent the community at large. Because voters knew that John G Harp would make sure they were represented well, John G Harp was elected again and again to represent his district in the state legislature. Fellow senators also recognized John G Harp's efforts to remain in touch with his community, and as a result they elected John G Harp Senate Majority leader for an unprecedented three consecutive terms.

John G Harp's efforts to remain in touch with the community did not cease when he left the political field. John G Harp has continually searched for opportunities to use his resources and influence within the community. A fine example of John G Harp's community involvement is the work he has put into funding a new sports complex for the local community in Kalispell, Montana. John G Harp uses opportunities like this to give back to the community that has done so much for him in his life.

Humility Central to John G Harp

It has been said that hubris, pride, is the central flaw in every human. There are countless examples throughout history of individuals who thought they were better than everyone else. Many times, these prideful individuals ended up paying for their pride with failure.

John G Harp has taken a lesson from these histories of prideful individuals. Instead of glorying in his own successes, John G Harp has endeavored to remain humble. John G Harp knows that his success is not completely his own doing, and that many others were involved in each successful business venture. Because John G Harp has paid attention to the lessons of the past, investors can trust that John G Harp's business ventures are more likely to succeed.

The humility that John G Harp maintains is a refreshing change from prideful businessmen and power hungry politicians. John G Harp's humble attitude endears him to business partners and fellow representatives alike, and they will attest to the fact that his humility makes John G Harp a very easy individual to work with.

Humility also allows John G Harp to connect effectively with the employees under him in his business ventures. Employees of John G Harp do not feel that he is lording his authority over them, and indeed many feel that John G Harp is right beside them in the fight to improve the business, rather than expecting the impossible from them and reaping the rewards of their hard work. John G Harp's accessibility and humility in business helps motivate his employees to work harder and produce better work, which in turn has fueled the numerous revivals of companies for whom John G Harp has worked. Employees can trust that John G Harp has their best interests in mind, and that his humility will keep him on the right path for years to come.

John G Harp is a Business Leader

The reason some businesses are more successful than others frequently boils down to who is leading them and what their leadership looks like. John G Harp has a long history of excellent leadership in the business community, and businesses that John G Harp has led in some capacity have seen marked increases in their annual profits during his time at the helm. John G Harp's success begins with a simple concept: leaders should be willing to work harder than their employees. Many business leaders have a mindset in which they hire employees to reduce their workload. These leaders gradually reduce their own involvement in the company and still reap the fruits of other individuals’ labor. While this is a successful short term goal, it quickly leads to a disenchanted workforce and a breakdown in business.

John G Harp takes the opposite approach in his business ventures. Regardless of the scope and field of each new opportunity, John G Harp approaches it the same way. John G Harp is willing and ready to work as hard as necessary to get the fledging business off of the ground. Employees of John G Harp respect the hard work and long hours he puts into leading his company. As a result, employees are more likely to give John G Harp their best effort, often putting in long hours themselves in the pursuit of success.

John G Harp's business leadership skills cannot be denied. Over the course of his career, John G Harp has turned more than a half dozen companies around, rescuing them from nearly certain failure and giving them the resources needed to succeed in the future. However, John G Harp did not do this solely for his own benefit. John G Harp is in touch with the needs of his employees and wants to see them have the best quality of life possible.

John G Harp Knows the Value of Teamwork

If John G Harp has learned anything in his long and varied career, it is the importance of building a solid team and maintaining that team when the going gets tough. By building a solid team before entering into a business venture, John G Harp has been able to have a group of people around him that he could rely on when things got difficult in business.

Developing a team is essential to any project. John G Harp frequently seeks to partner with other businesses to accomplish goals that could not be done through his individual effort. A great example of this is the construction of a baseball park dedicated to the memory of John G Harp's father. Although John G Harp could have simply hired someone to build a baseball field, it would have been ineffective in terms of reaching the community and feeling as though it was a public space. Instead, John G Harp partnered with a local charity to bring this dream to life. The partnership succeeded where one person would have failed, and the baseball complex has been brought into reality through teamwork.

John G Harp's willingness to cooperate with others and work well as part of a team also served him well during his time in the state legislature. When other senators and representatives came to John G Harp with ideas and suggestions for future legislation, John G Harp's instinct was to hear them out and work alongside them to make their dreams a reality. By supporting the goals of other senators, John G Harp quickly became a key fixture and a beloved member of many committees and teams within the legislative process. John G Harp helped foster an attitude of cooperation within the senate that led to many reforms being passed for the state of Montana.

Challenges Welcome to John G Harp

John G Harp firmly believes that there is nothing wrong with facing challenges in life, in terms of both career and personal life. For John G Harp, a challenge does not represent the likelihood of failure, but instead serves to increase the value of future successes.

In his career as a corporate executive, John G Harp has frequently embraced situations that others would deem too challenging to be worthwhile. An excellent example of this is when John G Harp was President of Utility Services Inc., a utilities company based out of Bismarck, North Dakota. John G Harp was named President and CEO in the fall of 2004. For the calendar year of 2004, Utility Services Inc. had a net loss of 6 million dollars. The company was quickly spiraling towards a bitter end.

However, John G Harp saw potential amidst the chaos, and took up the challenge of repairing the floundering corporation. After one year as President, John G Harp had managed to turn around the fortunes of the company. Through hard work and a willingness to face down challenges, John G Harp helped Utility Services Inc. make over 14 million dollars in 2005. The company continued to grow at an exponential rate, and John G Harp reaped the rewards of facing down the challenges of recovery. John G Harp has continuously applied excellent business intelligence to overcome challenges in the corporate world.

John G Harp has also been willing to handle challenging situations in the state legislature. John G Harp championed many bills that were unpopular at the time. Issues like the Gas Tax were brought up by John G Harp, and John G Harp helped the state push through difficult times. As a result of John G Harp's efforts, the state of Montana is now better off and facing fewer challenges in the future.

John G Harp Understands Leadership Through Service

The key difference between excellent leaders and those who are remembered as mediocre or even detrimental is their willingness to put the needs of others before their own. John G Harp is one in a long list of individuals that have sacrificed personal comforts and desires to help advance the cause of others. In John G Harp's eyes, it is vitally important for leaders in any field to make a point to listen to their employees or those whom they represent.

By paying attention to the desires of those that are represented by them, leaders like John G Harp can understand exactly what is needed in the community. Instead of working to shape the community to their view of an ideal society, John G Harp and other leaders push to shape it into what the community desires. John G Harp knows that this type of leadership allows the community to flourish as it is more invested in the day to day welfare of its citizens.

John G Harp considers his tenure in the state legislature to be a time of service, not a time of privilege. During his long tenure as a state senator, John G Harp constantly emphasized the fact that the senators were there to give voice to the desires and opinions of the people. John G Harp's constant reminders of the role of the senators helped keep the discussions centered around what is best for the community rather than what is best for the individual senators. Other senators respected John G Harp's viewpoint on servant leadership, and nominated him to be Senate Majority Leader for a record three terms as a result.

John G Harp's leadership within the senate helped set a tone for future senators, establishing the precedent that senators were there to serve the people, rather than the other way around.

Political Powerhouse: John G Harp

One of the most telling measures of the success of a political career is how long it has continued. While some politicians bounce around, coming in and out of politics throughout their lives, it is much more difficult to remain in the same position for a long time. Those senators and representatives who do manage to have a long and uninterrupted career are often the best and most beloved of the legislative body. John G Harp is at the top of the list in this respect. Beginning in 1980, John G Harp served in the Montana state legislature in various capacities for two consecutive decades. John G Harp paid close attention to those who had come before him. By observing the serving representatives, John G Harp learned the value of listening to his constituents and began to learn that the role of a representative was to ensure that the community had a voice in state government. John G Harp made a point to stay in touch with the individuals who elected him to ensure that they were adequately represented.

This emphasis on community representation would prove to carry John G Harp a long way in his journey through state politics. During his time in the state house of representatives, John G Harp helped lead the house transportation committee, in which his close relationship with constituents helped him address issues in transportation quickly and efficiently.

In 1995, John G Harp was elected Senate Majority Leader based on his successful campaigns for multiple bills and on the respect other senators held for him. As Majority Leader, John G Harp could influence the senate however he chose. However, John G Harp used this newfound power well. John G Harp can be trusted with authority, as he will keep his priorities in the right order.

John G Harp Advances Community Issues

Leaders in the community must be willing to work for the betterment of the community. Part of this process is that leaders must continually monitor the community for new issues which can be addressed. John G Harp has worked well in this capacity during his time as a leader in Montana. John G Harp's career has been characterized by a desire to stay in touch with the community around him, and a willingness for John G Harp to use his resources to resolve issues facing the community at large.

As a senator and state representative, John G Harp sponsored dozens of bills and resolutions. His sponsorship of bills indicated John G Harp's willingness to bring new issues within the community to light, requiring other senators to consider them and address them in a productive manner. John G Harp's constant introduction of bills is evidence of the fact that John G Harp cares about resolving community problems, not just talking about them. John G Harp is a man of action who pushes for active resolution of problems and for the community to be responsible for itself.

John G Harp takes the same approach to community issues in his personal life. As a member of the Kalispell community, John G Harp saw that there was a great need for new areas for kids to play. John G Harp knew that it was in the interest of the community at large to build a new facility at which kids could engage in recreational sports. However, John G Harp also knew that fundraising for the new facility would be difficult. Because John G Harp is a problem solver in the community, John G Harp decided to fund the new area himself. This is but one example of John G Harp's willingness to use personal resources to resolve community issues.

John G Harp Turns Businesses Around

John G Harp has developed a reputation as someone who revives struggling businesses. Throughout his career as a corporate executive, John G Harp has set a precedent of drastically improving the fortunes of every business for whom he works. John G Harp's success can be attributed to the way in which he listens to his employees, working to help them perform to the best of their abilities.

As a young executive in 1978, John G Harp was faced with the daunting proposition of building up a barely solvent Montana Evergreen Company. In just one year, John G Harp led Montana Evergreen Company to an increase in profit of over $35,000. This type of drastic improvement has marked John G Harp's career. Over the next seven years, Montana Evergreen Company would continue to benefit from John G Harp's leadership. In 1986 when John G Harp sold the business, it had gone from a $45,000 value to half a million dollars.

John G Harp's next stop was the Montana state legislature. During his 20-year career as a senator and representative, John G Harp helped the state of Montana recover from financial difficulties and stabilize the budget.

Upon his return to corporate America, John G Harp continued his trend of drastically improving the fortunes of his companies. John G Harp's tenure as President of Jode Corporation, a fiber optics company that John G Harp helped start, displayed similar exponential growth. Beginning with an investment of $10,000, John G Harp grew Jode Corp for four years before selling it for a substantial profit.

This type of fiscal success is evidence of John G Harp's value in the business community. His methods and work ethic should be emulated by many young businessmen, and the lessons to be learned from John G Harp's career are numerous.