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Hello Susitna Optional Families

Welcome to our new newsletter! I hope you like our new format.

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Thank you,

Sara Crewdson

SOPG Board Member

REMINDER: PACT & K/1 Learning lunch is tomorrow!!


K/1 Learning Lunch at 12-1pm (Portfolio Creation)

A big THANK YOU to Great Alaska Pizza Company for donating pizza boxes!


PACT (Parents and Children Together) at 1:45-3:15pm

There are set of activities that parents will help the students run through. Even if you didn't have a chance to sign up to volunteer, please come and join us.

School Wide Picture Day

Friday, Sep. 25th, 9am-2pm

7500 Tyone Court

Anchorage, AK

Go to & use Code SES15

Print Pic Ticket to send with your child on picture day.


  • September 24th - PTA Event: Fall Harvest 6pm
  • September 25th - School Wide Pictures ( - Code SES15)
  • September 28th-October 15th - PTA Read-A-Thon
  • October 7th – Parent Work Night (anytime between 3:30-7pm)
  • October 12th - STREAM School Meeting (6-8pm) Location: library at Scenic Park Elementary School
  • October 16th – NO SCHOOL (end of 1st quarter)
  • October 21 & 22 – Parent Child Conferences (1/2 Days)
  • October 23rd – NO SCHOOL
  • October 30th – K/1 Learning Lunch – Character Celebration (12-1pm)
  • Nov 4th - Parent Work Night & SOPG Parent Meeting
  • Nov 11th - Fall Intensives - Sign up Here!
  • Nov 20th - Thanksgiving Feast - Sign up Here!
  • Dec 11th - Project Day! - Sign up Here!

Volunteers Needed:

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: It’s that time again! Please choose and sign up for at least 2 or 3 events that you and your family can help with. I have all event information and sign-up sheets on our website under Volunteers Needed! Click Here!

Parent Participation Volunteer Hours (min 36/year per family)

Parents are required and encouraged to spend time contributing to their child's educational growth.

There are many opportunities to volunteer (even projects you can do at home)

The Optional program requires at least 36 hours of volunteer time which includes but not limited to:

Planning/coordinating/leading events, Thursday folder helper, Weekly table and lunch cart cleaner,

board game repair person, helping in the classroom, prepping materials, bulletin boards, classroom librarian,

book repair, play-dough maker, Campbell soup coordinator and mailer, Box top coordinator, wash items,

attend parent work night & meetings, etc For more information please visit our website.

Don’t forget to start logging your Hours! Click HERE!

School Wide News

New Communication Options

Anchorage School District is providing new electronic options to communicate quickly and easily with our families. You can receive texts from your school and from the district for late bus information, weather related school closures, important school news and events. Click on the link to opt-in for this new feature.


Hi Susitna Families,

I want to let you know about an exciting fundraiser we have coming up! It’s called Square1Art. Starting on September 21st, your children will be working with their art teacher, and myself, to incorporate their art lesson into an opportunity to help them earn money for their school. They will be putting their creative skills to work making square shaped masterpieces. After they are done, I will be sending their original artwork to Square1Art, where it will be made into a personal order form with their picture on it for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc., to purchase various items with the student’s design on them.

On Monday, November 2nd, be on the look out for the order form. All ordering can be done online, but if you’d like to send back the paper order form with a check, I’ll need it by November 11th. The personalized order form will allow you to preview your child’s work, and all items ordered should arrive home by Friday, December 11th. I will try to send home flyers as reminders as dates get closer. Feel free to check out the items that will be available for sale at:

All students will receive their original art work back at the end of the fundraiser along with a sheet of personalized stickers for their participation!

I hope you enjoy this fundraiser as much as I do!

Sarah Andrews (Susitna parent/PTA member)

Susitna Optional Parent Group

SOPG is specifically dedicated to supporting the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary. We perform functions similar to a PTA and we work closely with the teachers in the Optional Program, as well as Susitna's PTA. Key responsibilities include: assisting with PACT days (Parents and Children Together), Intensives, with Community Outreach projects, and with events like the Fall Ice Cream Social, The Spring Family Dance, spring/fall Bike Ride/Picnic, and the Year-End Barbecue.

The Susitna Optional Parent Group, or SOPG, is a volunteer parent group comprised of parents or guardians of children in the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary. SOPG is led by a volunteer advisory board consisting of a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Members at Large.

The Current SOPG Board Members are

(to email click on member name)

Chair: Rhiannon Benedetti
Co-chair: Sara Crewdson

Secretary: Jessica Blackson
Treasurer: Amber Epps & Kathy Hammon

Members at Large: Ida and DJ Litteral

Members at Large: Angel Solter

Members at Large: Need Volunteers Please!

Members at Large: Need Volunteers Please!

Please Join: Facebook Group Page

Welcome to Susitna Optional Parent Group! "A caring community of critical thinkers" This group page is hopefully another way to help us all keep connected throughout the year for information about meetings, events, volunteering, parent hours, etc.

Check out our SOPG Website

The purpose of this site is to provide information about the Susitna Optional Parent Group, as well as those just interested in learning more about the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary.


Your involvement really does make a difference for the teachers and in your child’s development.