The Sigler Voice

Amplifying the Voices of #SiglerNation Volume 2 Issue 8

The Sigler Voice

The Sigler Voice is a weekly newsletter to our Sigler Community amplifying the voices of our students and teachers. Want to know what is taking place within the halls and classrooms of Sigler Elementary? Look no further. Our students and teachers are going to share it here.



Check out Mrs. Gilpin's class using FLIPGRID!

We used the engineering process to make windsocks this week. Danielle is using her plans to create her windsock.

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2nd Grade

Check out our flip grid as we created story problems, solved them, and explained them!

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

We are beginning a PBL that crosses over all content areas. Students have just been told they are going to colonize Mars! Listen to their reaction to starting this journey to Mars. They are recording their experiences as they go; stay tuned for more video diaries to hear about their plans to colonize.

Playing Tic Tac Toe to deepen our understanding of the Earth Unit in Science!

Students create puppet versions of themselves for our door decorating contest!

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Students become teachers as they review fractions!

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