Product Life Cycle

By: Justus Thompson

Introduction Stage

Most expensive from company stand point
Sale are at it low point
size of market for the product is small
Cost are high for company testings
product sales are relatively small

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Growth Stage

Stage were sales and profits grow strongly
Stage where your product gets noticed
Company benefits of the product
Profit Margin increases
Give businesses more money to invest in the promotional

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Maturity Stage

Stage where your product is at its highest point
The climax of products sales and profits
Stage where the product has the most competitors
Company's need to invest their money wisely during maturity stage
Stage where companies need to consider modifications on product to give it that competitive advantage

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Declining Stage

The market will start to shrink for product
Stage were profits start to drop off for product
stage were company start to make product cheaper then before
Sales start to shrink

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