Thomas Hobbes


Thomas Hobbes was born November 5 ,1588 and died in December 5 ,1679.

When Thomas was 15 he went to a school at Richard Latimer's house, Oxford University.

Thomas worked as a Math Tutor

Thomas was named after his father, Thomas Hobbes. His father worked as a merchant. But his father left them when Thomas was 5.

Thomas was most known for being the first to discover "science of politics".

Belifs on Goverment

Thomas Hobbes believed all of the disagreements and conflicts are destroying his country.


Thomas Hobbes wrote a quote and it goes like this, "A man can not lay down the right of resisting them that assault him by force, to take away his life."

Someone of opposite thoughts or beliefs

John Locke is Thomas Hobbes's opponent because John Locke believes that all people have rights that no government can take away. He expressed 3 of them in his lifetime

" Life, Liberty, an Property".

Most Popular Work/Book Title

Thomas Hobbes is known for writing the Leviathan because it's about the structure of society and legitimate government.