By: Colby Stone

Italy Flag

The Italy flag was brought to Italy by France

Map of Italy

Some of the country's that border it is France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and Germany

Specail Customs

Every time a guest comes to an Italian home they will eat slow and polite sometimes it will take 4-5 hours.


Some Symbols AKA Monuments are the Italy Leaning tower of pizza and the Colosseum
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Costumes worn by Italy immigrant's

Italy immigrants mostly didn't dress up they wore just seekers and ripped jeans to every place

Typical foods served by Italian immigrant

Italian immigrants serve Italian pasta people in Italy love this pasta it whats to be eaten it takes several hours to be eaten

Two holidays for italian immigrants

Two holidays Italian immigrants celebrate is Easter and Christmas every Christmas they will eat fish and go to church for midnight mass. Panettone, a sweet bread is the most traditional food. Easter many Italian will eat chocolate for breakfast gather up for local Easter mass. They will also have a big Easter feast. People also will take a whole week of to go to the country side.