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IACS Secondary Newsletter, March 29, 2020

Upcoming Events

April 6: 21-22 Lottery at 3:30 at the Secondary Campus

April 6: Senior project presentations

April 12: Board meeting at 6:30

April 13: SAT (for 11th graders)

Power outage this morning

We experienced a power outage in some parts of campus this morning. Power was restored at noon. Due to phones and internet being inoperable, we were unable to reach our remote students. Staff and students were both great problem solvers in order to keep learning going!

Last chance to take survey

If you have not taken the Parent Engagement Survey, please take by March 31. The survey will close on that date.


  • Ms. Anne Pete who received the Master Teacher award this spring

  • While we were in remote learning, we offered high school students a chance to participate in an art contest. Students were asked ¨If you could create a piece of art (compose a song, write a poem, make a film, paint a picture, make a music video) depicting what is going on in the world today, how teenagers are feeling, etc., what would you create?¨

    Students submitted original music compositions, choreographed dances, poems, and visual art. Students and staff were asked to vote on their 2 favorite submissions.

    The winners were as follows:

    1st place: Sam Kafka and Maci Mattravers: wrote and performed an individual music composition.

    2nd place: Luis and Sophia Conta performed a music piece.

    3rd place: This was a tie between Penelope Pentilla who created a visual art piece and Maci Mattravers and Kadynce Ross. Maci wrote a song and Kadynce choreographed a dance to it. They videoed and edited their submission.

    Thank you to our IACS PTO and some individual teachers for donating cash prizes. We awarded a total of 375.00 We appreciate all of the students that participated.

  • Adrian Rodriguez for winning 1st prize in the high school category of the 11th annual state-wide Cap Ed Movie Trailer Competition! (see video below)
Big City, Big Adventures - Official Trailer

JV Dance audition process (for current 6-7 graders)

This year we will be having JV auditions in small groups. This is how it will work:
(Note: Due to the pandemic, if students are currently in JV they do not need to submit a video or attend auditions. They only need to submit a permission slip)
Here is a video describing the process:
1. Students will sign up for a day to learn the dance in the Large Dance Studio which will be held April 19-20-21 2:50-3:45 in the large dance studio.
2. Students will learn the dance on that day and will submit their permission slips.
3. Students may want to record the teacher doing the dance at the end of the learning day, so that they can practice. This is not required.
4. Students will then be expected to submit a video of themselves doing the dance to by April 23rd.
5. Both the video submission and the permission slip are required to be considered for the 2021-22 JV Dance Team.
6. Students who have more than two failing grades may/may not be eligible for the team.
7. Students will need to arrange for their own transportation on the day of the workshop.

Please email Mrs. Brown at for more information.