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Staff and Partner Bulletin May 26, 2016

This Week at REA

The Week in the REA Community

Monday, May 23, 2016 (A Day)

Bell 1 and 2 Exam

8:30-9:25- Hunter in Orange Pod First Floor

10:00 Meeting in Superintendent's Office - Myers- Priority Schools Assurance

3:00 Graduation Ticket Distribution

4:00 Summer Parent Meeting Cafeteria - ABC

7:00 Board Meeting - Val and Sal Presentation

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 (A Day)

Bell 6 and 4 Exams

Staff Meeting- Thanks to all who attended. Forgot to put it as a reminder.

8:30-9:25- Hunter in Orange Pod Second Floor

10:00 Grades 3-6 Awards
Field Day 3-6
3:00 Primary Awards
Field Day K-2
4:00 GAIC Meeting Library

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 (A Day)

Bell 3 and 7 Exams

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Green Pod Second Floor

10:00 Withrow Graduation Practice

Data Meetings

1:00 Movie with Principal Grade 3/4

5:00 Graduation Withrow

Thursday, May 26, 2016 (A DAY)

Last Day for Students

Friday, May 27, 2016

8:30 Staff Potluck Breakfast

9:00 Staff Meeting until about 10:30

Staff Checkout from 10:00-3:00

Looking Ahead At REA

Next Week:

Summer School-Begins June 1st

Congratulations to the Leadership Team at Riverview

There are several changes to the Leadership Team at Riverview. Below represent the new changes.
Lindsey Wittich - Math CIS
Jason Leon Guerrero- SS CIS
Jenny Stehlin- Academic HS Lead Teacher
Penny Harris- Electives/Special Ed HS Lead Teacher
Kelly Grothouse - K-6 Case Coordinator
Steven Fragale - 7-12 Case Coordinator
Dave Lewis - HS Test Coordinator

Please extend congratulations to this new team. We look forward to seeing the amazing things that they are doing. Thanks for everyone's dedication to Riverview.

Reflections are done

....And what great ideas that were provided. We are going to have a tighter procedure for security and hall behavior. Basically, the plan is to make sure that teachers are providing consequences for late students within five minutes of the last bell ringing as outlined by the high school staff- including middle school. After that five minute point, if a student is out in the halls without a note FOR ANY REASON, security will be providing consequences for students every time with the use of a pyramid of interventions. Security will escort students to the classroom with the consequence note.

We need to stop removing students and stating they need to go to the office. We can't maintain that except in a rare emergency, and we need to stop not admitting students to class except in the case of uniform, however, even those students need a note. We have worked on a great solution for uniform with the Middle School team which should help with uniform issues in the high school. Please look to emails to see these plans outlined in detail.

Thanks for the great ideas and solutions to problems. It is great that we can create solutions to problems instead of pointing to the problem, assigning the problem to someone, or admiring the problem. Great solutions on all teams for our challenges. Way to respect our school priorities.

Please make sure your ENTIRE- MEANING ALL OF THE BOXES-- are checked off for your "Check Out Sheet" before you consider yourself checked out. This is supposed to be done by Friday at 3:00. If you need an extension, please see Office Staff. We do not want to chase you down over this.

Assurances are in and we don't have a technical-----

This is huge news that we were able to finish the year with our Priority School Assurances uploaded to the state and our Decision Framework Rubric uploaded, and we don't have a technical from the state of anything we need to fix. We do not know what is in store for next year, but we will face the challenge and do what we can to make it a great year. Thanks for all that you are doing to assist with this process.

Special Thanks

Class Day was quite a success if only for the people that made it one. Special thanks goes to Officer Smythe, Mr. Rowland, and Mr. Shaver for helping us navigate traffic. Also special thanks goes to the teachers who attended including Ms. Maley, Ms. Weust, Ms. Grossman, Ms. Auciello, Ms. Richmond- Great Lining up help, Ms. Britt, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Green, Mr. Connor, and Ms. White. (Hope everyone was thanked.) Finally, it would not have been an event, if not for the magnificent planning of Ms. Harris. Great Job. Thank you for your help.


It is not too late to help. We need all hands on deck. Please come to celebrate our students. Graduation is tonight at 6:00 at Withrow High School. Remember, we meet at The Pub in Rookwood after Graduation. All are invited.

Keep Law and Order in the Land

One of the ways we can keep the halls clear is for teachers to keep students in their classrooms. Please limit the errands students are on, and make sure student have NOTES FOR EVERY TIME THEY LEAVE YOUR CLASSROOM. Please help us end on a strong note. Administration has also spoken with security about helping with this.

District has set Open House- Which we use for first quarter conferences as September 28th.

Friday Agenda

As you know, we try to end on a positive note at the end of the year. Each Lead Teacher has been asked to say positive statements about accomplishments for the year or other information about their team. Please keep in mind the message is to end positively. Thanks for all that you do. A revised list will be sent to Lead Teachers. Please look for your list.

Oops Exam Schedule

Yes, we heard your thoughts on the exam schedule with making it so that it flowed and made sense, but in haste to get it out, we left it the same as it was. Sorry for this confusion. We will fix for next school year.

Lead Teacher Positions

Lead Teachers positions will be notified by email and announced tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Please bring a something for the Potluck Staff Breakfast on Friday starting at 830

Columbia Tusculum Street Festival

Saturday, June 18th, 2-9pm

Eastern Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Please consider saving this date as the proceeds from this festival are benefiting our students with food in PowerPaks. Please also wear Riverview Gear to show appreciation. Thanks for going above and beyond. The Event is on Eastern Avenue between Delta and Stanley in the heart of Columbia Tusculum.

Please give all senior awards to Ms. Harris to distribute during Class Day.

Obligations K-11

Please be sure to hand the student a copy of their obligations as stated above. You should have this process started this week, and go to the last day of school. Please be sure to mail a copy if you cannot get a copy to the student. We will be sending final fee reports to the homes at the end, but we need the initial communication to come from you. Additionally, see Pat for the obligation forms that are pink.

Text Book Inventory

With your check out sheet, you will be given a text book inventory sheet. This is not new. It has been on the checkout sheet in past years.
1. We are not interested in your personal copies of books- but instead books that you are using in your classroom..
2. If you have a classroom set of independent reading, please mark "Various Titles" the number of books you have and not mark each title.
3. Please count books you are using in your classroom. Books in the bookrooms that you are not using, do not need to be included. However, if you have books in the bookrooms that you use, please indicate them on the sheet.
4. Same as above for books in pods.
5. This should take a short amount of time and will allow us to be accountable for what we have. If students have signed out books or do not return them, please give them an obligation.
6. This year Mr. Dearwester will be signing off on this. In past years it was other personnel. Please keep the pink copy for your records and give the office the yellow and white for our file.

Advisement Next Year

We are going to keep the same advisement set up next year as this year. 7-8 will loop and 9-11 will loop. More information may be needed. We will keep you posted.

End of Year Celebrations

There are several end of year celebrations to which EVERYONE is invited.
1. After Graduation, we all go to The Pub in Rookwood. We need help with clean up if anyone is available. See Ms. Harris to sign up, but please come out to celebrate an end of year.
2. The last staff meeting on May 27th, is a staff Pot Luck. Please bring delicious food. Administration gets the coffee. The staff meeting starts at 8:30.


This year Paddlefest is in the Heart of the East End. It is on August 6th starting at Schmidt Field. Please consider showing support for East End Events. They are very generous to our students.
Information for Paddlefest can be found here:

BLT Suggestion

There was a suggestion with all the initiatives that the district is having, can we review some common basic things like the bell schedule, device handout and even the initiative above. Please complete the following link to provide feedback. Please complete this by the end of the day on May 30th. Thanks for helping all of us improve. Great suggestion. https://docs.google.com/a/cpsboe.k12.oh.us/forms/d/1939HSA3RcIM7PgINUL6lTH7LX7X_RN7cVWBECmFC2Zc/viewform