Ice Cream Tasting


April: Poetry Month

Spring is here, at last, at last!

Our ice cream fest approaches fast.

Each flavor lovely, you'll agree,

Tributes to great poetry

Come to sample, come to eat

Come for an exciting treat

Come for wonders, (come on time)

Come for your great love of Rhyme

Bring a shot glass, here's a spoon

Get excited! See you soon!

April Ice Cream Tasting

Friday, Apr 26th, 7:45pm

Our creek house -- email for directions

Same as usual -- bring $5 and a shot glass. We will also have pints for sale for $8.

Tentative Flavor Line-Up

1. Malt Whitman (chocolate stout with maltballs)
2. Chamomily Dickinson (chardonnay chamomile)
3. Shel-lemon baSil-verstein (lemon basil sorbet)
4. Jamberwocky (jam and toasted brioche)
5. Samacadamiam (green tea, white chocolate, macadamia)
6. Wendell Berry Lavender (wildberry lavender)
7. Love Song of J. Alfred Poprock (strawberry buttermilk with milk chocolate-cloaked poprocks)

Please, please RSVP to help us anticipate quantities. We don't want anyone to go hungry.