Wellness Wednesday


If our cells are healthy, we are healthy.

ASEA is a redox supplement that contains trillions of stabilized active Redox Signaling Molecules. Redox Signaling Molecules enhance your body's natural ability to heal itself, and building optimal health and wellness.

RENU28 is a Skin Revitalizing Gel that contains the same concentrated redox signaling molecules as found in ASEA.

ASEA and RENU 28 are tested by BioAgilytix Laboratories (www.BioAgilytix.com) to assure that every batch contains Redox Signaling Molecules.

Most people are interested in learning about ASEA for one of six reasons. What's yours? Watch this short video to see if one of these reasons might interest you or someone you care about. Dr. Silverman's 6 Reasons

The first Wednesday of each month

ASEA Cellular Health at the Central Library Downtown

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 7-8pm

201 E Market St

Charlottesville, VA

Take the elevator (just past the circulation desk) to the Madison Room on the 3rd Floor.

FREE 2 hours parking in the Market Street Parking garage (library validates)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Light snacks are provided.

Please bring a friend and share this gift of health with someone you care about.

For more information contact: Sarah Sturm 434-962-4312 or sarahbsturm@gmail.com