What's up in D121?

A CRAZY week ahead of us....

Today: We have MAPS and cell project presentations.

Tuesday: the Greensboro Opera groups comes to perform for the students.

Wednesday: our field trip to Winthrop for Rock Wall Climbing!

Thursday and Friday are normal days.

Loads of learning going on...

The subjects!

Science:We are into Ecosystems, we've built terrariums and aquariums and this week we will learn about producers, consumers and decomposers. I am sure you will also hear all about the parasites from your child.

***The Cell quizzes were not as good as they could have been so I am giving another quiz Wednesday morning before the field trip. We have reviewd and the project has them too.

Math: I am continuing to work with several students on comparing, addind/subtracting, and place value....it will come in time. This week we move onto Division. We will start slow and move into long division and next week remainders. PLEASE assist your child with homework-this practice is important.

ELA: this week students will begin to get a word sortspecific for their spelling needs. Students will complete an activity each day at school and test on Friday. We are also moving right along with guided reading groups.

Social Studies: This Friday we will end our Reconstruction unit. Students will take their test Friday(G/T students will take it at the beginning of the day and finish it on Monday. Next week we will begin out Moving West Unit.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you many have.