legendary HR Smore

By Abbi Hagler

Good & Bad Interviews

While in a job interview, you do not want to say anything about the terrible things you have done. You do not want to describe your party life or what "cool pictures of you when you are drunk" that you have all over Facebook. The important thing to remember while in an interview is to be as professional as possible. There is not one company that wants a thirty year old that acts like a teenager working for them. Here is an example of a bad interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVA8Vqkwwcw

High School Teacher Job Description

The responsibilities of a High School Teacher is to ensure the students of their learning experiences, help them if they do not understand, and prepare students for life after graduation. The requirements of a high school teacher is a bachelor's degree, a state issued licence and an acedemic background of the subject(s) they are certified to teach. Most of the teachers make about $55,000 a year.