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who am i

Who am i

my name is Cecil E. Barnett , i am a student at fl Schlagle in Kansas city Kansas . my hobbies include singing , rapping , video games and brainstorming. i was brought up in single parent household with my mother. i lost my grandmother at the age of 14. i was out of school for 3 years, but now i strive for a better life for myself.

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Essential question - is the craft of Hip-hop dying ?

today it is way easier to create and consume music. i think that is a reason why artist don't push to be more creative. a lot of mc's today don't even rhyme they either sing with auto tune or mumble. half of these artist don't even go gold.
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Explanation of question

, I Am aspiring to be a hip hop artist.

but i noticed hip hop has changed since the Mcee's that inspired me were in the game. at the age of 6 i was introduced to a artist named Tupac Amaru Shakur. Since that moment my love for hip hop has been unconditional, but i have expanded into other genres such as r&b , rock. but hip hop will always have my heart. but todays rappers seem to not care about the craft anymore. which is why i ask is hip hop dying ?

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