Badger Bulletin

December 14th

School News

SETTING UP CANVAS: link provides steps on how to set up a parent account on Canvas

Please be sure to encourage your child to advocate for his- or her- self at school, as this will prepare them for high school.

Students should be working on their health journals. They received copies of 21-30, the next set that needs to be completed after Christmas.

ILA Classes

Stems: Students can practice on,, or by searching wwtw.

Read 180: Students are researching invasive species and writing an argument essay about one invader species.

Story: Students are reading The Giver and focusing on point of view and author's point of view. There will be a CUA on Friday.

Glassman: This week we are going to finish reading The Giver. We will have an end of book short answer assessment on theme and characterization. We are doing prep work in class to get the kids prepared. We will be watching the movie version of the Giver and doing some comparing and contrasting of similarities and differences, discussing why the directors/writers of the movie made certain choices. The Sci-Fi unit will be over by Friday, and we will be moving on to research. I THINK that research topics will be available to pick on Friday.

System 44:

  • Prefix quiz rescheduled for next week Tuesday- study note cards
  • Study Vocab- vocab quiz on Friday 12/18. Students wrote down words and definitions.
  • This week:continuing our opinion piece project and new book groups. Ask your students about the book they are reading in class!
  • read 20 min every night at home.



Monday~ sub with similar triangles

Tuesday and Wednesday~ reviews

Thursday Test

Friday~ PDSA stuff


8th grade math will test chapter 3 on Wednesday, and then start chapter 4.

Algebra is finishing the function chapter and will test on Friday.


We will be reviewing for the chapter 3 test. We will do stations and the on-line review. The test will be on Wednesday.

For math tests and quizzes students should prepare by:

1. Check Skyward. Are all assignments in and passing?

2. Practice tests and quizzes from each section in the book.

3. Review pages at the end of the chapter in the book

4. On-line book has practice tests and quizzes:

mathblue westbend


All students have access to IXL to practice their math skills. Each class has different skill sets and skill levels to be working towards improvement. See link below.

1st Hour: Finishing chapter 2 with division story problems. Chapter 2 test Wednesday and Thursday this week. Study guide will be sent home on Monday.

3rd Hour: Converting decimals to fractions, taking a quiz, and moving into comparing and ordering both fractions and decimals.

9th Hour: Finished chapter 2 test. Moving into chapter three working with decimals.


Mr.Dziatkiewicz will be having a quiz on Friday study guides and/or links will be sent in an email after Mr. D makes the quiz. The students should have been studying schematic symbols and vocab crams on canvas for the last week in their free time and study halls. These can be accessed on their canvas account Mr. D's homepage.

Mr.Peacy: classes will be working on a new unit in the technology strand that of Simple Machines. They will be introduced to different types and do some constructing.

Mrs. Miller's: classes will be doing videotaping their specific aircraft throughout the week. Starting aircraft presentations soon .

Social Studies

Mrs. Miller: The Ch. 6-1/6-2 Quiz retake for my classes is Friday. The Ch. 6 Final Unit Assessment for my classes is Tuesday, 12-22.

Mrs. Paulson: We will be discussing and taking notes on chapter 6 section 3. This is an exciting section as we discuss the road to revolution! More updates to come.

Mr. Granzow:

Mr. Christopherson