The war in 1944 ! By. Joshua Ross

The allied forces has started there invasion on german forces in Normandy from one of Germany's important battle called The battle of France or The fall of France. Allied forces move in to Normandy to take back France. They landed on 5 beaches to catch the Germans by surprise. This is one of many operations to invade Normandy to take back France. But this is how the invasion began.

How long was D-DAY ?

This operation lasted started in June 6 1944 and ended in June 30 1944 but another operation was being deployed called operation overload which lasted until August 19, the whole war didn't end until May, 8, 1945 (history).

Why is it called D-Day.

"The D does not stand for doom or similar words, in fact it doesn't mean anything the D is derived from the world day which means a operation begins"(history).

How many were K.I.A. ?

The amount of allied troops who were K.I.A. Are 2700 brithish, 946 Canadians, and 6603 Americans. The amount of allied and German forces combined are 425,000, 16714 allied air forces, 20000 to 25000 french civilians most fled, (dday museum).

Who took part in the war ?

For the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, free France, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, vs Germany so pretty much all of Europe vs Germany, (dday museum).

Where did the Allied forces land ?

The allied forces landed on five beaches sword, gold, Juno, Utah, and Omaha. The British took sword and gold, America took Utah and Omaha, and Canada took Juno (dday museum).

What was the worst beach ?

The amount of men that fought on Omaha beach and died are around 2000 but the Other American beach Utah around only 200 men died (Wikipedia).

Fun facts

- In the wave of men the military gave the allied enough equipment to survive for 3 days but when they got to shore they drowned because it was too heavy.

-almost everyone died on Omaha beach because it was heavily armored with machine guns , barbed wire, wooden stakes, mines, and metal tripods.

-the dday invasion was supposed to start on June 5 but because of bad wheater it was moved to June 6.

- D-day is one of the biggest allied force to come together in history.

-you can still see U.S. Coast guard landing crafts the allies took for getting on the beaches


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