AG State Fair experiance

by: Cole Grissom

The History of the State Fair

The first annual State Fair was held in 1886. It usually begins the last Friday of September and last for about 24 days. Their are shows held by the community as well as attractions.

Live Stock Shows

Live Stock Shows

Each year there are over 5,225 students that compete in the youths events and contests.

There are a variety of animals shown in competitions. The competitors will have worked with their animal of choice for years to prepare.

Fair food experience

The culture of the state fair revolves around the community as well as the foods. This is a chance for competition as well as creativity that would go into creating food. The competitions and treats attract a lot of attention from the crowds.

Ag Awareness and opportunities

The state fair beholds many advantages and opportunities to agricultural students as well as our peers. There are shows to competitions that are bound to gather attention.