Challenger Shuttle Missions

By Audrey Mrozek

The first 9 missions

The Challenger shuttle had its first launch in 1983 and it's last in 1986. All of the first 9 missions were successful up until the 10th mission.

The 3rd Launch

On the night of August 29/30, the early morning/ night of the third lift off there was a large thunderstorm over the Kennedy Space Center while the shuttle stood on Pad-A. Nothing negative occurred during the thunderstorm and the mission was successful.
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The 10th and Final Mission- The Crew

  • Michael J. Smith

  • Dick Scobee

  • Ellison Onizuka

  • Christa McAuliffe

  • Gregory Jarvis

  • Judith Resnik

The 10th and Final Mission- When/ Where?

The Challenger tookoff at 11:39 am on January 28, 1986 off the coast of Flordia. It was around 29 degrees which is the coldest it has ever been during a takeoff.

What Happened?

Apart of the shuttle called the O-RIng came loose and set of the chain reaction. The reaction went to the over all explosion.

Living Memorial

Squadron 17 at Texas A&M are called the Challengers in the Corps of Cadets.

My brother Fish Mrozek or Riley is in Squadron 17 and was able to supply me with facts over the 10th mission because he is a Challenger at Texas A&M.

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Future Missions

NASA did not let any other missions take lift off for another 32 months after the incident. The reason of that is because they wanted to give the missions a break so nobody has to worry about another disaster for awhile.