Jan Van Eyck

46 years

Background History

The exact date of birth and birth place of Jan Van Eyke is unclear, but he is believed to come from the village of Maaseyck in Limbourg, Belgium. His education and early life is not recorded but his career is recorded in good detail. In 1422-1425 he was employed to the court of the Count of Holland. In 1425 he was appointed court painter to Duke Phillip. His brother Hubert was also a famous artist.

Art Movements

Jan Van Eyke was an artist during the Renaissance Movement. He was not the founder of this movement but he made a major contribution to oil painting during this time. Some art experts believe that he pefected the technique of oil painting. He used the oil medium to paint his subjects in great detail and realism. He also used painted jewels and expensive metals to highlight his works.

Madonna at the fountain

Madonna at the fountain is my favorite piece of artwork by Jan Van Eyck because it is differerent from many of the other pieces he painted. I like how there are bright colors that stand out and there is a lot of detail. I think it is interesting that he used idealism instead of realism. This picture is overall pleasing to the eye and pretty, and that is why it's my favorite.