Cool App



Platform: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac, Windows

Price: free


Woices allows users to create and listen to location-based audio guides. This can be done either at the location using a cell phone with the app installed, or on a computer using a map pin. This makes it a great tool for the classroom because it is device agnostic. The only real negative I found is that you must create an account and it requires an email address. This may be problematic for younger kids but you could consider creating a class username and have all students use one login.

After looking at this application I can see many uses for an activity like this. First of all, and most obvious, local history. Have the students pick a place in their town, or any town/city for that matter, and create a Woice "echo," as they are called. In this echo they can include a story at makes the location more interesting, thus incorporating storytelling and folklore. Have them write the script before recording it to incorporate a writing component. Lastly, when doing the recording they should practice their public speaking skills, concentrating on making the echo engaging and interesting. This would also be a wonderful way to practice a foreign language by conducting a tour in a foreign land. For activity-based classes consider adding physical activity to the tour. After they listen to the history have them do an activity such as 5 jumping jacks or have them tour a park and in different areas of a park add the exercise. It's location based but doesn't have to be at a building or landmark.

This application allows your students to practice skills, learn, and create something that other people can actually use. This public aspect adds a layer of authenticity to the project and raises the bar for the students.

Mendi Benigni

Instructional Technologist: School of Education, Health and Human Performance

College of Charleston