500 Years of Reformation Study Tour

Drs. Akin, Eccher, Hildreth, & Milioni

500th Anniversary of the Reformation Trip

June 16th-26th, 2017

The summer of 2017 step back in time with Drs. Akin, Eccher, Hildreth and Milioni as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. All are welcome to join us on this tour; you do not need to be a student or enrolled in an SEBTS class to take part. And all SEBTS students will receive a full six hours of course credit included in the overall price of the tour.

Our eleven-day trip will allow us to meet with and retrace the footsteps of those reformers who set about to amend a corrupt late medieval Roman Catholic Church and establish what became our Protestant heritage.

Participants will get a chance to walk the cobblestone streets in key places linked with Martin Luther. Our tour will begin where it all started... in the quaint town of Wittenberg where Luther posted his 95 Theses. We'll continue on to visit the German reformer's birth home in Eisleben, make the trek to Marburg Castle to stand in the hall where Luther and Zwingli famously divided over the Lord's Supper, tour the city of Leipzig where Luther first came to publicly affirm Sola Scriptura, and make a memorable journey to the imposing Wartburg Castle where the German reformer penned his greatest gift to the German people, his translation of the New Testament into their native tongue. We'll proceed on to the ancient town of Worms for a soul-stirring time of reflecting on Luther's stand for God's Word against Emperor Charles V and take a riverboat cruise on the Neckar River overlooking the gorgeous medieval town of Heidelberg.

Our journey will also take us to key Reformation sites in Switzerland. We'll visit Huldrych Zwingli's imposing Grossmünster Church and learn just how different reform looked in the Swiss Confederation than it did in Germany. We'll also get a chance to journey into the woods outside of Zurich for an unforgettable and worship-filled visit to a remote cave where the Anabaptists were forced to gather for holding convictions like believers' baptism, freedom of conscience, and the separation of church and state. We'll end our trip in John Calvin's famed Geneva. There we'll visit the church building where Calvin preached and see the Genevan Academy where thousands of ministers were trained for the gospel ministry.

All along the way you'll spend time with SEBTS professors as we consider not simply the "what" aspect of the Reformation, but the "why." We'll also be tethering all that we see with our 21st century world and identify just how much continuity we have with our predecessors in the faith.

Sign up today and join us the summer of 2017 for an unforgettable cultural, educational, and missiological experience.

Professors: Danny Akin, Stephen Eccher, Scott Hildreth, and Dwayne Milioni

Dates: June 16th-26th, 2017

Location: Key historical sites in Germany and Switzerland

Cost: $4,035 - $4,335 - includes round-trip airfare and transportation, accommidations and more!

Courses: All SEBTS and C@SE students may earn a maximum of 6 credit hours, which are included in the overall price for those enrolled in the study tour. To view courses available to study, please click here.

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