by Roland Smith

By: Emily Sunseri


Do you know any author better than Roland Smith? i bet not! Roland Smith lives in Portland and has made many other books including Crypted Hunters, Tentacles, Jacks Run, Elephant Run, etc. You will love this suspenseful fantasy/fairy tale!

paragraph 1

the main characters are Marty,Grace, and the evil Noah Blackwood but, some others are Dylan,Luther,butch, and Wolfe.The setting for most of the book is Noah's Seattle Ark, and this story could happen any day! to know how it starts... grace goes with her grandfather to his seattle ark and got to live in his mansion while Marty, Luther, and a kid named Dylan went out to look for her with a blood sucking chupacabra chasing them.

paragraph 2

some things that I like about this book are...

- that Marty got peed on by a rhino.

- Grace is very smart and that helped her get out.

- Luther shaved his head.

-there will be another book.

If I could change the end of the book I would not because the ending said that there will be another book in the series.

paragraph 3

some connections I have are... that this book reminded me of the book sent because they both have friends going on an adventure and working together to get out of a problem. another connection I have is... this book reminded me of how my friend likes to read because Grace is smart and likes to read just like my friend. the last connection I have is... this book reminded me of my dog because when my dog growls he sounds like what a chupacabra might sound like if it were growling.

paragraph 4

I would recomend this book to a classmate because Ms. Beck read Criptid Hunters and a lot of kids read Tentacles and so they want to read Chupacabra.this book was very suspenseful, I hope you love this book.