Staff Update

Eastconn Adult Programs

April 19 - 25, 2015

1. Welcome back!

We are on home stretch now for the 2014-15 school year! Please be sure to stay on top of all paper work, and especially post-testing with all of your Basic Math and Reading, GED, and ESL students.

2. Graduation

We are looking forward to another celebration of our graduates. This is a team effort! This year's graduation will take on a little different look as we are including high level ESL students, I-BEST classes, and Customer Service students. We need you to:

  • talk it up with your students, including encouraging present students to attend to support their peers.
  • talk up the scholarships and help students connect with Amy Hiller-White.
  • submit suggestions for the student speakers.
  • take and collect pictures of students who are graduating for the PowerPoint Presentation at graduation.
  • attend graduation!

We hope to have the date confirmed within the next two weeks.
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Excellent reading- "Watering Up the Curriculum for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities, Part 1: Goals of the Knowledge Dimensions"

Don't be fooled by this title! It is appropriate for all learners and is well worth the time to read it. The writer, Edwin S. Ellis, states that the goals of a watered-up curriculum are:

  • More emphasis on students' constructing knowledge
  • More depth, less superficial coverage
  • More emphasis on archetype concepts, patterns, and strategies
  • More emphasis on developing relational understanding and knowledge connections to real-world contexts
  • More student elaboration
  • More emphasis on developing effective habits of the mind, higher order thinking and information processing skills, and learning strategies

One example he shares is using rainbow sticky-note semantic mapping. Students begin by drawing on the knowledge they have and then build relationships from there.

Check the article out at

3. Dates to remember

Please keep in mind a few dates coming up:

Tuesday, April 21, 11-1 PM at NELC- Free Annual Health Assessment

Wednesday, April 22, 3-5 PM at CLC- Free Annual Health Assessment

For the above, call Larisa Carr at 860-455-1546 to make an appointment.

Tuesday, April 28 and Wednesday, April 29 at CLC- Bring a friend to class

Thursday, May 7, at 11:30 atCLC- Union Staff Luncheon for all staff

4. Photos and/or your contributions

This week's update isn't very colorful and it needs your help. I know we have some very gifted staff out there- especially photographers! Please forward some local area shots, as well as class shots! While you are at, take some pictures of students who are graduating! (See notes for graduation)

5. E-mail signatures

EASTCONN’s Marketing and Communications Department has asked that all emails, internal and external, have the same signature line in any outgoing email. Please see the sample below as to how your email signature should look. If you are ever unsure of what is appropriate, please refer to the intranet,

Also, please ensure that there are no backgrounds and/or templates in your email communications. Keep in mind that we are a professional organization and our emails should convey this.


John Smith, Manager


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Remember to call students who have stopped out! Now that it's warmer weather, it's a good time to encourage students to return to school. Get out and enjoy the spring weather!.


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