Week Ahead

May 16-20, 2016

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Coming up, we have two 4 day weeks in a row- whew! Hang in there folks!

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This Week:

Mon May 16 Day 3-- Staff meeting;

Tamworth here for Track and Field;

Christa Cox observing in Kaitlyn's room

Tues May 17 Day 4- Tammy Visits a.m.

Wed May 18 Day 5- Milkshakes;

Chad away at Principals' meeting

Thurs May 19 Day 1- School Track and Field Day;


Fri May 20 - PA Day- assessment and reporting;

Chad and Karen at Family of Schools meeting- Tamworth- a.m.

Coming Up:

May 23- Victoria Day

May 25-27- EQAO

May 31- Reporting period begins