Autobiographical Writing Day 3

Telling your Story!

Continue writing your narrative

Continue to write your narrative. After the first 30 minutes of class I need you to upload what you have onto the Edmodo assignment. This will allow me to see where you are in your writing. Remember, I need a COMPLETE DRAFT by Thursday, so this may mean finishing up your narrative at home tonight.

View the sample Voicethread as a class. You can access this under Day 7 on Live Binder and it will be located under the tab "Sample VoiceThread".


Register for an account through Accounts are free. Please use your school email account when registering in case you need to access emails sent via Voicethread.

View the PDF about sharing a VoiceThread. It's located under Day 7 in the Live Binder under the subtab "Sharing a Thread".

Finding pictures

You will need to create your own VoiceThread based on the narrative you wrote. You will need photos for your VoiceThread. Locate photos that are relevant to your story. You may use your own photos that you have imported via email or find Google images that relate to what your story. You must have 8-10 photos.

Criteria for your VoiceThread

1. The story must be read by the main character of the story (you!)

2. The story should be read with enthusiasm.

3. Your VoiceThread should contain 8-10 photos relevant to your story.