Gymnast with no legs

Can you imagine doing gymnastic with no legs?

Jennifer life

Jen, is a girl that was born with out legs,

Her parents left her in the hospital and put her up for adoption because they thought that they could not take care of her.

One family adopted her, they think that she merit a family that gave her love , care and happines. So they treat her just like her other two children. The key word of the family was never say : I cant.

Jen wanted to be a gymnast, she started when she was 7 years old. the first present she asked for, was a trampiline. She started to practice evry day with her dad.

Her idol was the American Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu.

Jen wanted that her adoptive parents tell her more about her and her biologial parents.

her adoptive mother told her that her last name was Moceanu.

In that moment she notice that her idol was her sister.

Jen send her sister a letter expleining her sister that she was a gimnastic a athlet but she dident have legs.

she send photos and all her birth information to prove she was her sister.

When her sister recived the letter she was impres of what she had read, she was surprised that her sister was a gymnastic with no legs.

Now she is in New york workong doing gimnastic, and she is one of the most famous gimnastic and to she has been in espectacules of alot of celebritys.

She is a exaple of someone that do not have limits to do things so we have to take that example

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