Locally is seeking beta testers

Breweries, brewpubs and bars are invited to sign up

Locally - Discover amazing local experiences

Locally is a new web app designed for people to discover amazing experiences in and around their local community, town or city.

How Does It Work?

Merchants, businesses, vendors and events "broadcast" on Locally by creating a customized profile and pressing the broadcast button. This instantly announces you are open, shares your profile and publishes your location on the Locally map.

Visitors to San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa and beyond will use Locally to see if your brewery or pub is open, which special event may be happening (beer release or brewery tour, for example) and where you are located as you prepare to offer them an amazing local beer and food experience!

Additional Features:

  • Unique web page with live map.
  • Social Integration - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • We Tweet for you the moment you broadcast.
  • Site Analytics
  • Email marketing courtesy of Locally.
  • Merchant friendly deals and offers (future release)

Sounds pretty easy, right?

To become a beta tester* you must request early access.
Sign up at www.locally.fm/request or email your questions here.

*Free service for beta testers!

About Locally

Locally is co-founded by Steve Palmer and Luke Bayas. You may recognize Steve by his Twitter handle @sonomavine.
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