Taiwan Country Profile

By Nicole Remiker

About Taiwan

Capital~ Taipei

Population~ 23.3 million

Currency~ New Taiwan Dollar

Currency compared to the dollar~ $29.77

Country's GDP per capita~ $39,600

Country's GDP Rank in the World~ 17th in the world

Literacy Rate~ 98.04%

Life Expectancy~ Males: 76.72 years Females: 83.2 years

Language~ Mandarin Chinese

Taiwan's Government, Leader, and Economy

Government~ Constitutional Republic

Leader~ President Ma Ying-jeou

Economy~ Capitalist

3 Historical Events

1.) In 1921, the Taiwanese Cultural Association was founded.

2.) In 1927, Taiwanese Peoples Party is Taiwan's first political party was founded.

3.) On August 7th 1959, there was a really bad flood in the central of Taiwan.

Current Event

On August 1st 2014, a explotions happened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan had killed 25 people and wounded more than 260 people.


HTC is a company located in Xindian, New Taipei City, Taiwan. HTC makes electronics like smartphones and tablets.

Is Taiwan's Economy Succsesful?

Yes, Taiwan's economy is successful because they are 17th in the world and they are 1.2 points higher than last year. Taiwan improve a lot, they improve their financial freedom, and investment freedom, trade freedom, and market openness.

How can Taiwan Improve Their Economy?

To improve Taiwan's economy they could keep making industry's bigger and better.