Outsourcing in America

An argumentative essay by: Adam Rizzo


Outsourcing has been around for decades. It is becoming more and more of a problem in the United States. It is being used by more big companies. Outsourcing is when a company sends their jobs overseas causing the peoples jobs who have been outsourced to lose their jobs. As our economy expands to reach a greater market, outsourcing will continue. People think outsourcing is great because it results in lower costs for firms and lower prices for consumers but those peoples jobs have not been outsourced. We have lost 2.8 million jobs due to outsourcing. Outsourcing does not benefit the United States economy since it causes unemployment and hurts our economy.
First of all, outsourcing does not benefit the U.S work force at all. In fact, it's hurting it. Big corporations sponsor misleading one-sided studies that only say what is good about outsourcing but not how it effects the people's who's jobs got outsourced(Roberts). Outsourcing has been a problem since it started. In 2004,for example, Travelocity closed one of its cell centers located in Clintwood, Virginia and moved it to India, many lost their jobs and still haven't found new work(Currie 1: 4). Also in 2005, because of outsourcing a mass layoff caused out-of-country relocations caused 2,047 separations("Encyclopedia of Small Buisness"). So as you can see, outsourcing is doing causing more unemployment.

This video explains my point of why outsourcing is hurting U.S companies

Why Outsourcing is Bad for Business
Finally, outsourcing does more harm than good to our economy. The products that are made in different countries tend to lose there quality. So in turn, if the products lose there quality less and less people will buy them and the company will in turn lose money and have to close companies which will cause unemployment which is bad for the U.S economy. From 1998 to 2008, we have lost over 51,000 manufacturing plants alone, that's a drop of 12.5 percent in ten years(Currie 1: 22). In 1980's and 1990's new laws were passed making it easier to outsource which will end up hurting the economy even more than it already is. So as you can see, outsourcing. Doing great harm to our nation's economy.

Call to Action

As you just read, you now know of the terrible things outsourcing is causing, outsourcing is destroying our nation's economy and causing crippling unemployment. We all need to take a stand and stop buying outsourced products. We need to help out our nation's economy and put more factores in America and not in China and India. We need to employe our nation's citizens. Do your part and stand up for our nation's workers.


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