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Learning Fibonacci Numbers!

Here are some great websites to teach your students about Fibonacci numbers.

Search Crystal

Search and compare multiple engines in one place.
It is a search visualization that enables you to compare, remix and share results from the best web, image, video, blog, tagging, news engines, Flickr images or RSS feeds. You can embed as a widget on your site or blog.

You may create a slideshow of all the webpages, videos and images you like and then share it with your friends. A very interesting way to browse the best of internet.

Word It Out

Word cloud generator that gives you control with many custom settings. Free to use and no sign up required. Create from sentences, whole documents, web addresses or tables. Display or remove words and tweak their importance with ease. Choose your own colours, fonts and sizes. Easily embed them on your own website (as big or small as you want)


Make a picture, movie, drawing, card or story. Not a free site for public users, but Teacher accounts are free and can add class as users for free.
Techers join up here

If It Were My Home

A gateway to understanding life outside your home. Use the country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another. Start by selecting a region to compare and begin your exploration.


Make music by drawing shapes.

Target Map

Just choose a country and a way to create your map. All maps are published & shared in the community. You can also improve and compare it with other people’s related maps & data, embed the maps in your blog and Insert customized maps in your presentations

PreZent It

Create presentations in a few clicks, wherever you are.
Work with your team in the same presentation at the same time.
Your presentations can be private or public. And each one has its own web address.
Download your presentations and show them even without an Internet connection.
The presentations are web pages (HTML) so you could even edit them manually.

Haiku Learning Management System

LMS - create online lessons with articles, images, audio, and video for your class. Manage discussions, auto-grade assessments, and track scores through a gradebook.

Digestive System -Human Body for Kids-How Body series of Education Videos

Digestive System - Human Body for Kids

This video teaches children how the human digestive system works.
Respiratory System for Kids (Breathing) by

Respiratory System for Kids

This video teaches students how the respiratory system works.
Educational ocean video for first grade students

Educational Ocean Video

This video was made for Educational Technology ad Design. It is a learning video that a teacher could use during an ocean lesson for the first grade level. Included in the video is information on how we use the ocean, characteristics and needs of animals, and the environmental problems in the ocean.
Parts of Flower -Video for series of Education Videos

Parts of a Flower

This video teaches students the parts of a flower.
Solar System for Kids -Lesson,one of the best Indian Education website

Solar System for Kids

This video teaches students about the solar system.