Kenzie Brownlee & Rachel Locke

Philo Farnsworth

Television was invented by a man named Philo Farnsworth in 1960. He created television at the age of 13. He developed a television system complete with reciever and camera which he produced commercially in the firm of the Farnsworth television and radio corporation, from 1938 to 1951.

Interesting Facts

1. In 1960 the most popular T.V shows were " The Andy Griffith Show", "Rat Pack" and "Peyton Place". They all shared the same set up. 2. Television is now considered to be the best source of entertainment and a powerful source of information. 3. 1925: The first major trial covered by radio or television was the "monkey trial", which it took place in Dayton, Tennessee. 4.There were only 3 channels ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Televison Changes


1.What factors in America society led to the creation and/or rise in popularity of this invention? -Very few people owned a television when they first came out. They were expensive in the 1950's, and very rare, usually only wealthy people owned them. The T.V became increasingin popularity, because it was entertainment, without having to go to a movie theater. Around the 1960's the television became more affordable, and most families had them.

2. How did this invention change American society? - The impact of the television is that it brought information straight to your house. People were able to communicate better, adress issues faster, and become more aware of things by watching the news. In todays society television is more for entertainment, and not so much the news. About every house hold in America owns one.

3. Why do you feel this invention was a turning point in American life? - It was a start to a new time period, of electronics, with video and sound. With that, the television has created video, which alot of americans use today.

Cool Whip Non Dairy (1960s) - Classic TV Commercial
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