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Week of September 20th

Superintendent's Message

Welcome Back!

The countdown is on to our BTPS Student Day on September 30th. I am excited to share in learning with students from across BTPS. There are various sessions throughout the day for all grade levels.

I also want to thank the Board for recognizing the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation by giving all staff the holiday in lieu on October 8th, 2021. It is important to have a day to reflect on the legacy of residential schools.

It is so exciting to be a part of the BTPS Step Challenge. I have joined a team from Amisk School and I am pretty sure that we are waaaayyyyy ahead! The challenge has motivated me to get off my couch and get a few more steps in so I don’t let my team down.

How did this happen?

I want to recognize and thank all staff for their dedication to our students and support of colleagues during our start up. This again has not been an easy start up. Our efforts through the pandemic have been non-stop for 19 months. I am so touched by your relentless drive to make each day amazing! THANK YOU!

Take care,


2021/2022 School Year Payroll Rate Updates

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Kendra Holte is an HPS Wildcat who went on an adventure this summer as a research assistant at the University of Alberta

This was part of the HYRS Program (High-School Youth Research Summer) for qualified grade 11 students.

Kendra had first hand experience in biomedical and health research; and also increased her awareness of future career opportunities. Kendra worked alongside Dr. Gary Eitzen in the department of Cell Biology where she tested experimental drugs on cells that she cultured, hoping to advance understanding in nerve cell regeneration. It was inspiring to attend the symposium which allowed students to present their work. Kendra certainly had an interesting project and it was very rewarding to see how her self-confidence has grown over the six weeks in this program. Kendra was asked "what was the most important thing that you learned in the program"? - her response was that if things don't go your way, you have another don't sweat it as nothing is perfect! Dr. Eitzen echoed her response and further added 'patience', and "Kendra is exceptional with her patience". What a great opportunity for students to be selected as part of HYRS or WISET! Kendra clearly has become even more passionate about her desire to pursue a university degree in neuroscience.

In biology 30 this year, Kendra is going to be able to provide a lot of insight to many learning outcomes and therefore assist her fellow classmates. She will likely teach her teacher a thing or too!! Way to go Kendra!!

Alberta Teacher's Retirement Fund Board

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Kid's Poster Contest

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Truth and Reconciliation Week - A Virtual Event

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September 30, 2021 is the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and has been established as a federal holiday “to recognize and commemorate the legacy of residential schools.” Buffalo Trail Public Schools is committed to honouring and respecting Truth and Reconciliation.

We are so excited to host a Student Day on September 30th as a day of learning for students in a conference style virtual event! The day will bring students from across BTPS together for learning. We have sessions with Kevin John, from They Build Bridges, and Sam Demma, an international keynote speaker to bring key messages that day. As well, there are breakout sessions throughout the day which will include read alouds by guest speakers, ribbon skirt teaching, keynote on resiliancy, and information on the calls to action as well as opportunities for classes to learn on their own with the resources provided.

Here's an overview of the events for our September 30, BTPS Student Day, we hope you'll join us!

Mental Health News

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Federal Election 2021


High school students over the age of 18 please remember to vote on Monday September 20th.

Students over the age of 16 can work for Elections Canada.

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