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The rise and fall of 3 young boys.

A Boy Killed

 Hi I am Josie Reynolds, and I am Maiyah Jones.  Today we are going to tell you about the boy who was killed.  Bob, a wealthy rich boy on the wealthy side of town, was killed by 2 boys named Johnny and Ponnyboy.  It was by a fountain in town and the killers are no where to be found so we are guessing that they ran for it.  This poor boy is no longer with us.  We shall all pray for Bob to be safe.

About Tulsa:

{t is the Second-Largest City in the US State of Oklahoma.}  {45 largest states in the US.}   {It was first settled between 1828 and 1836 by the Lochapoka Band of a Creek Native American Tribe.}    {Nickname is The Tulsey Town.}   {Located in Tornado Valley that has lots of Tornados.}  {People from Tulsa are called Tulsans.}  {Their motto is: A new kind of energy.}

Three Of The People We Have Interviewed:

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Q's and A's:

Josie: So, Sodapop are you worried about Johnny and Ponnyboy?Sodapop: Well of course I am they are family!Maiyah: Do you think that they murdered Bob on purpose?Sodapop: No! They are shy, sweet, innocent boys.Josie: Why do you think that they did it then?Sodapop: Self defence of course!Maiyah and Josie: Thank You for your time Sodapop!Maiyah: So Cherry.  I heard that earlier you where with Johnny and Ponnyboy, is that true?Cherry: Yes it is.  They are sweet boys and I dont think that they hurt anybody!Josie: So when Bob saw you with them do you think he was jealous and so he attacked them?Cherry: Well, yes I do believe that is what happened!Maiyah: So do you think that Johnny and Ponnyboy where only deffending themselves?Cherry: Yes I do!Maiyah and Josie: Thak you so much for your time Cherry!Josie: So Two-Bit, I heard you go to jail a lot is that true?Two-Bit: Well ya and I aint gonna say I aint proud of it.Maiyah: Hm...interesting.  Do you think tht Johnny and Ponnyboy wanted to be like you so thats why they did that?Two-Bit: There aint no way in H*ll those boys would do that. They to sweet to do nothin stupid like that!Josie: Do you think that Bob attacked them?Two-Bit: I dont see no other way them boys would do that.  Now can I leave here Missy?Maiyah: Yes.Josie:Thank you-Two-Bit: Ya ya ya.

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