Woodbury Weekly Update

Week of August 22, 2022

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This Week's Updates

Curriculum Night will take place this Thursday evening. Please see details below!

Thank you for you patience as we navigate routines and procedures for transportation and getting our students where they need to go safely. Sometimes this requires checking and rechecking. We were pleased to see transportation times getting quicker as we navigated the week. Thank you for your patience!

A reminder about drop and pick up. We realize we are not set up with the best circumstances for car drop off and pick up due to being embedded in the neighborhood. You can help us keep things moving safely and efficiently by using the 2nd Street lane to drop off and pick up quickly. We ask that you not park in the lane or exit your vehicle in order to keep things moving. Please park on an adjacent street if you wish to join your child on the playground. We also ask that you please not utilize 3rd Street during AM arrival and PM dismissal as this is intended for busses only. We appreciate your help!

If you are interested in volunteering at our school, a volunteer packet will be available at Curriculum Night or in our main office. District Volunteer Information can be found here.

The first Woodbury PPA meeting will take place on September 1st. We hope you will join us!

Woodbury Curriculum Night

Thursday, Aug. 25th, 6-8pm

322 East 3rd Street

Sandwich, IL

We are excited to se you on Thursday, August 25th for our Woodbury Curriculum Night. This event is to share with you information about your child's specific classroom and grade level curriculum. We are also having our Book Fair this week and it will be open for the evening for you to visit. Presentations will take place at the following times:

6:00-6:30: Kindergarten

6:30-7:00: First Grade

7:00-7:30: 2nd Grade

7:30-8:00: 3rd Grade

Our K-3 Certified Staff

Kindergarten: Mrs. Kim Mathis, Miss Rylie Loux, Mrs. Kaylee Hill

1st Grade: Mrs. Sarah Rogowski & Mrs. Laura Sam

2nd Grade: Mrs. BJ Cryer & Miss Cortney Bols

3rd Grade: Mrs. Doni Morgan & Mrs. Justine Davis

Music: Mr. Chad Anderson

PE: Mr. Bolaji Adeoti (2-3), Mrs. Mindy Martin (K-1)

Reading Teachers: Mrs. Caitlin Riley & Mr. Aaron Mlot

Social Work: Miss Amy Rogowski

Speech: Mrs. Amy McDowell

Occupational Therapy: Mrs. Heather Roberts

Physical Therapy: Mrs. Stephanie Curtis

School Psychologist: Mrs. Amy Surprenant

School Nurse: Mrs. Lauren Hoyt

Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Kern

Welcoming New Staff to Woodbury

We're CHAMPing it up at Woodbury!

CHAMPs is an acronym that reflects the types of expectations used by the teachers and staff to clarify the activity and transitions occurring in class and other settings throughout the building. The acronym stands for Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation & Success.

Students at Woodbury participate in the CHAMPS program, which is a classroom management system that encourages students to be motivated, engaged, and responsible. Using CHAMPS helps us outline expected behavior for students in each activity throughout the daily schedule.

We look forward to celebrating students who help support their teachers and peers by following expectations, demonstrating positive behaviors and showing the WOODBURY WAY of being safe, kind and responsible members of our school community.

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Upcoming Dates to Remember

Week of 8/22: Book Fair

8/25: Curriculum Night

8/26: Practice Fire Drill

8/29: Fall Fastbridge Benchmarking Begins

8/30: Drill Safety Presentations with Officer Bright, Practice Intruder Drill

9/1: First PPA meeting of the year

Treats/Food Policy

Just a friendly reminder that we are not accepting food items for birthday treats. As part of our healthy school initiative, as well as a proactive approach in managing food allergies, we are continuing to work toward reinforcing healthy eating habits for both students and staff.

Celebrations and positive reinforcement are an important part of our district’s culture of supporting students. In the past students brought treats to school to share on special occasions. Due to food allergies and other health concerns we do not permit students to bring in food items to school to share. We would like to encourage healthy eating habits and promote non-food items such as pencils, stickers, bookmarks, or other small items in place of food treats. Curricular activities involving food will be dealt with individually.

Looking for After School Care?

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District Updates

Free & Reduced Lunch

For those who would like to apply for free/reduced lunch, please do so using the following link:

https://www.freereducedlunch.com/sandwich430. Families who qualify for free/reduced lunch will have their registration fees waived or reduced.


Currently there is a shortage of bus drivers across the United States and Sandwich is no different. If you are interested in a part-time job and would like to know how to become a bus driver, please call Transportation Director Sue Graham at 815-786-8325.

District 430 Facebook Page

New this year is a District 430 Facebook page. You can follow here: