Anderson Talent Show Auditions!


This email is for any family who has a student involved in the Anderson Talent Show.

The exciting Talent Show Auditions are coming up! We are going to be trying something new for our Talent Show Auditions due to a lot of unforeseen scheduling conflicts this upcoming week! We are bringing our auditions into the digital age!

For right now, the students who chose to be in the chorus only, or want to be an announcer, don’t need to do anything yet. We will touch base with them once we have the Talent Show Acts finalized.

Our auditions will be done by having a video emailed from home of your child’s act (or the group together)! This also allows them to practice a little more before recording themselves and there is no need to bring props or costumes to school!

We do have a couple of options of how they can send in a video!

  1. They can either email Mrs. Weber their audition sample by Friday, March 20th (

  2. They can upload their video audition on their school Google Drive (they can access it from home) and share the video with Mrs. Weber by Friday, March 20th (

  3. They can post their video in the Talent Show Google Classroom by Friday, March 20th! Here is the code to join the class: jreos5f

Only students can login into Google classroom. They would need their and their password to login to Google.

We understand this is new and some of you may not have access to recording at home. If you are having trouble please feel free to reach out to us or we can try to find a time to have your child audition at school. Thank you for being flexible and helping us to let our Anderson Foxes do their best audition!

Mrs. Weber

Ms. Reyes