FAbulous FA Friends

May 22, 2017 - Last issue

Lesson plans for the week

Social Skills:

This week we will be writing in their agendas, greeting, playing games and turn taking skills.


We are working in our math folders and our focus is more functional within math class. We are working on reviewing a lot now. So this will consist working on money, making change, writing down five items from shopping ads, totaling the price, counting coins, and going to restaurants. We rotate between folders, small group and computers. This is going to be our focus from now on.


We have two more weeks to work on our work. The time is flying. The last week we will be doing our life sandwich work. We will be working in our reading, writing, and grammar packets. These include our IEP goals. The activities include reading comprehension, writing and typing two paragraphs on their own now, :) editing, abc order, inferences, spelling, and parts of speech. They are doing so well in google docs. We will be continuing working on these goals from now on.

On Thursdays, we will have our Chromebook day and we will be working on Sumdog, Istation, Reading eggspress and typing our two paragraphs. They are working on their own paragraphs. They have learned tools, spell check and are inserting 3 pictures in google docs. We are super proud of them!

We emailed our friend this week from our class list and next week we will email our parents. YEA! They do know how to log on to their gmail account, respond to an email and how to compose an email now!!:)


We will be starting our Space unit.

Social Studies:

We will be working on our community project - gratitude.

Functional Fridays:

We will be working on money, shopping skills, and using the correct change. We will help the janitorial staff and we will be visiting the choir class on Wednesdays.

Regular Bell Schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

1st period: 8:25-9:11

2nd period: 9:15-10:01

3rd period: 10:05-10:55

4th period: 10:59-11:45

7th grade, 5th period:12:19-1:05

8th grade, 5th period: 11:49-12:35

8th grade lunch

6th period: 1:09-1:55

7th period: 1:59-2:44

8th period: 2:48-3:35

Pack Up 3:25-3:40

bus time

SOAR Bell Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday

1st period: 8:25-9:07

2nd period: 9:11-9:53

3rd period: 9:57-10:41

4th period: 10:45-11:27

7th grade Lunch: 11:27-11:57

8th grade Lunch: 12:13-12:43

7th grade, 5th period:12:01-12:43

8th grade, 5th period: 11:31-12:13

6th period: 12:47-1:29

7th period: 1:33-2:15

8th period: 2:19-3:01

SOAR: 3:05-3:35

Pack Up 3:25-3:40

Some students are experiencing colds and really bad coughs. If your child is running a fever, please keep them home and rest so, others aren't exposed to the germies. The students are wiping down their desks and tables at the end of the day helping all of us stay well in our little family. We all have our chores at the end of the day called "Helping Hands".

We need more "Clorox Wipes" in our classroom.

Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

HELP!!!!!!! We are in desperate need of snacks for our kids to last until end of the school year (Three Weeks). With two snacks a day, we go through a lot of them! Thank you for those of you who have contributed to our classroom. We truly appreciate it!!!!

Our FA Team

Machelle McQueen

FA Teacher


Cheryl Powell

FA Paraprofessional


Melanie Powley

FA Paraprofessional


Upcoming Events

May 25: Talent Show, 7:00 pm

May 26th - No School !

May 29th - No School !

June 2: Last Day of School