Teen Anxiety

By: Gordon Soffel

Anxiety & Depression are treatable!

Anxiety and depression are treatable, but 80% of children with a diagnose-able anxiety disorder and 60% of children with diagnose-able depression are not getting the treatment they need. Every child goes through anxiety, but these are phases, if a child goes through an extended period of time they should see a doctor and be tested to see if they have an anxiety disorder. Victims of an anxiety disorder suffer from fear, nervousness, shyness, and they start to avoid doing certain activities and going places.



How Can a Child Obtain an Anxiety Disorder?

There is no exact cause for an Anxiety Disorder. The upbringing of a child, a character flaw, and a "weakness" are common misconceptions that people believe to cause Anxiety Disorders. As scientists continue to delve into the field of mental illness, they have found that these disorders are more so caused due to environmental stress and changes in the brain.

More Potential Causes

  • Stress can also lead to developing an anxiety disorder.
  • Anxiety can be passed on genetically from parent to kid.
  • Traumatic or Significant Events contribute to developing a disorder. `



Some Of The Best Treatment Facilities Include...

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