Talk, Read, Talk, Write

A strategy that supports all students in the classroom

Strategy Steps

  • Engage in content concept and set a purpose for reading
  • Ask a provocative question


  • Read an academic text
  • Use a PAT (pay-attention-to) list
  • Annotate/highlight text


  • Process the text and prepare for writing
  • Participate in a check-in conversation


  • Communicate content understanding
  • Make a claim and support it with evidence

TALK #1: Provocative question

  1. Read the question in your folder.
  2. Silently formulate an answer to it in your mind.
  3. Briefly discuss your answer with your group (2 - 4 minutes).


As you read, be sure to pay attention to (PAT) the items listed in the PAT section of your handout.

6th Grade:

7th Grade