Noah Vertin

Viola's Identity

In the play, Viola identifies herself differently than in the movie She's The Man. Viola identifies herself as still feminine, telling Orsino she is a eunuch not only to get the job as a servant, but because she knows she sounds like a female. Also Viola almost reveals her true identity because she feared having a duel. To show that Viola's identity is still some what feminine it says, "I do assure you, 'tis against my will" (III.IV.281). What Viola means of this she wants nothing to do with fighting because she does not do such acts.

Viola's Gender

On behalf of Viola's disguise she is force to act like a male, although she is a female of course. To Viola's benefit, she is able to work and live under Duke Orsino's roof as a servant. This protects her from the outside world because without she is a lonely woman with no money and that would not have been safe if she did not disguise herself. Viola has had some bad experiences while being perceived as a male, she is almost forced into a duel and she loved by someone of her very own gender. Limitations as this disguise for Viola she can not express her love for Duke Orsino only if she wants to unveil her true self. As shown by Viola it says, " My father had a daughter loved a man. As it might be, perhaps, were I a woman, I should your lordship" (II.IV.104-106). This proves the biggest limitation Viola faces and it is expressing her love to Orsino. She gives him hints describing her actual self, but she can not tell the truth about her and her feelings.

Viola's Perception

Many examples are shown in the play how different characters perceive Viola. Of course the see her as a man, but a very weak or feminine one. Viola knows this and she sees herself as a cunning independent woman trying to survive. Viola came up with the brilliant to act like Cesario just so she could survive and this foreign land and it worked exactly how she planned it to work. To show how Viola was clever she says, "Who governs here" (I.ii.19). This shows how she is quick to access her situation so she finds someone she can trust and she starts learning information about this foreign place and that's how she survives.


Viola in the play is very different if you compare me and her, but I do have one similarity. We are both cunning and clever I have always been able to think and solve problem quickly, just like viola did coming up with the plan that she was going to act like a guy. On the other hand, me and Viola are very different I feel Viola is very passive and if someone wanted a duel I would surely be willing to fight them. Viola is too nice, when Olivia kept bugging her about how much she loves her I would have been honest and told her I am only a servant I do not like you so stop telling me how much you love me.

Viola's Identity (She's the Man)

Viola is Very different when compared to the Viola in the play. In the movie Viola sees herself as a strong independent girl. Viola is very determined to play soccer even when her team can not because they did not have enough players. Even after knowing this she asks to play with the boys because she is brave and strong. Throughout the film she does not have any fear playing with the boys and she does good. One example to show that's she thinks and knows she is all these traits is when she asks the coach and when he says no that's when she comes up with the plan.

Viola's Gender (She's the Man)

Viola's experience acting like her brother in the movie I think is a good experience because she gets to play her favorite sport and she does not have to do what her mother wants her to do. However, there are limitations, she can no longer play soccer on her girls team and she is now able to play with the boys. Viola mainly got out of her mother wanting her to be more lady like, but acting like this she can not tell Duke she likes him and she has to constantly act like a boy. Viola was not able to shower she always had to wrap her breast and just like the play, Olivia likes her. So when Viola finds out she can not play soccer she comes up with the plan to act like her brother and play boys soccer (She's the Man).

Viola's Perception (She's the Man)

Many characters in the movie She's the Man perceive Viola/Sebastian a lot differently than she sees herself. For instance Duke was very shocked when he thought he saw Sebastian/Viola kissing Olivia and he confronts her not knowing it was not her (She's the Man). This shows that he viewed her as weak and not good enough with girls to get a beautiful female like Olivia. Viola sees herself as independent and brave because she did not have to act like a guy and join a boys soccer, that is why she is brave.

Similarities/Diferences (She's the Man)

Similarities with Viola/Sebastian between me and her is we are both brave. I will always be the "adrenalin junky" and when I play football I am not scared to get hit hard. Viola is the same she has chosen to play a sport with males and it is scientifically proven we are stronger but that does not stop her. Although we are brave we do have differences, if I really like someone I would have let them know. Even though Viola would have blown her cover I think Duke would have understood.