Belton Speech and Debate

One Squad, Many Voices

Week 7 - Midtown - Lee's Summit/Raytown

Part 1 of our season is in the books!

The Squad wrapped up its first part of the 2015 - 2016 season this past weekend by taking novice to Lee's Summit High School while varsity visited Raytown South High School.

Forensics got us started for the weekend with novice having a quiet outing with a few newer students getting out for the first time. Varsity on the other hand started with its normal crew breaking once again. Rafael broke for the 5th time in Prose making semi finals before getting uncharacteristic scores preventing him from making finals this week. Jay was a similar tale, but this week instead of IX he dipped his toes into USX. Jay earned two first place scores in prelims, but also had an off round in semis being eliminated before finals. Varsity Duo partners, Shani and Denize also made semi finals, but met the same fate as Jay and Rafael coming up just short of finals.

Debate got rolling Friday night and onto Saturday. Varsity participated in the standard four rounds, before breaking to out rounds while novice had five rounds and were placed based on their record. Novice had a solid outing with top finishers Trey and John earning a 4-1 record in policy debate earning them 5th place overall! Varsity also found success with The Captains (President Rafael, Vice President Hailey) who earned a 3-1 record in prelims of Champ Public Forum debate which got them into their first ever break in Champ Puff!

Heading into Quarters The Captains were the 5th seed taking on the 4th seed, they won on a 2-1 decision which was announced at awards (video below). After quarters they went on and had to face the number 1 overall seed from Blue Springs South HS. The Captains choose to debate 2nd and were forced onto the Con side of the debate. After 45 mins in a close round, The Captains lost on a 2-1 decision earning them 3rd overall in Champ Puff.

The Squad will take winter break off before returning in January at Fort Osage.

Have a wonderful break!


Fort Osage HS

Friday, Jan. 8th 2016 at 1:30pm to Saturday, Jan. 9th 2016 at 3:30pm

2101 North Twyman Road

Independence, MO

When we return we will travel to Fort Osage to start the 2nd half of our season with an open tournament.

Team History - You're Part of it!

Found this data last week on the NSDA website and it is a bit of our teams history including national qualifiers, coach history, as well as some results. More data will be added.

Pre-2013 School History for Belton HS, Missouri

Note: This page only shows school history up to 2013. Newer data will be added soon!

If you believe there is an error in the data for your school, please email us.

Chapter Awards

This shows awards given to the school, such as being the leading chapter in their district, or having the largest enrollment in their district, as well as some coach honors like receiving a diamond or chairing a district, and some student honors such as having an All-American.

YearName (might be n/a)Award/Action

1986 Ben F. Martin III 1st Diamond

1991 Ben F. Martin III 2nd Diamond #551

1992 Gregory J. Scott Honorary Membership

1994 Mr. Joel B. Short 1st Diamond

1996 Leading Chapter Award

2001 Mr. Tim Hughes 1st Diamond

2004 Largest enrollment in Show Me dist. 154

2004 Largest chapter in Show Me dist. 414

2005 Joel B. Short 2nd Diamond #1256

2005 Largest chapter in Show Me dist. 442

2005 Largest enrollment in Show Me dist. 189

2005 Leading Chapter Award

2006 Largest enrollment in dist 1868 (Show Me)

2006 Largest chapter in Show Me dist. 490

2007 Timothy J. Hughes Distinguished Service Key

2007 Timothy J. Hughes 2nd Diamond #1314

2007 Largest chapter in Show Me dist. 476

2007 Largest enrollment in Show Me dist. 171

2007 Emily Pfefer1st in Show Me dist. 2274 pts, 1st in US

2008 Largest chapter in Show Me dist. 459

2008 Largest enrollment in Show Me dist. 147

2008 Jill Sueltz 1st Diamond

2009 Tabatha Babcock 1st Diamond

2009 Largest chapter in Show Me dist. 456

2009 Tyler Dalton1st in Show Me dist. 1898 pts.

2009 Jason D. HornerAcademic All American

2009 Alexander D. WhiteAcademic All American

2010 Largest enrollment in Show Me dist. 182

2011 Largest chapter in Show Me District, 453

2011 Largest enrollment in Show Me dist. 169

2011 Leading Chapter Award

2012 Tim Hughes 3rd Diamond #568

National Tournament Record

This lists each student that has attended the NSDA National Tournament from the school, along with the number of rounds in which they competed (and in which event)


Humorous InterpH/HI

Dramatic InterpA/DI

Duo InterpD/DUO


International ExtempF/FX

US ExtempU/UX



Public ForumN/PF


Policy DebateX/DEB

Year Event Student Rounds TotalCong Cong Total

1997 A Ikechukwu, Amadi662

1997 A Ikechakwu, Amadi 3rd

2004 A Clark, Maggie6

2004 Y Pfefer, Emily674

2005 H Horne, Kira680

2006 A Horne, Kira6

2006 N Dodson, Zack & Pfefer, Emily9104

2007 N Pfefer, Emily & Dodson, Zack8120

2007 Rep Lande, Corey2

2007 Rep Wice, Paul24

2008 H Harth, Andrew6126

2010 H Tinch, Lauren6132

District Firsts

This shows each student from the school that has taken first place at a district tournament, and in which event. For an explanation of the event codes, see the key above in the National Tournament Record section.

Year Event Contestant

1987 HI Shannon Nevels

1991 HI Robb Wells NQ

1992 USX Kelly Myers NQ

1992 HI Steve Jones


2004 Y Emily Pfefer

2004 A Maggie Clark

2005 H Kira Horne

2006 A Kira Horne

2006 N Zack Dodson & Emily Pfefer

2007 R Corey Lande

2007 R Paul Wice

2007 N Emily Pfefer & Zack Dodson

2008 H Andrew Harth


2010 H Lauren Tinch