Welcome to the New World!

New sprawling citys and endless natural resources.

The new world as we know it for now...

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English wins over dutch, Ports now open for Sea fairing ships!

(Answer to Qu 3)Previously New Netherlands, now New York City! Now that ports in New York City are open, sea fairing will become more safer! King Charles recently removed the dutch and now its a haven for ships!


Aiming for the gold? James Town Revamped!

Despite the failures of its beginnings, now they are fairing pretty well in this sprawling city. Many have been able to be successful with the 'Black gold' market and have become wealthy because of it! Its not much yet but its food shortages are now solved and your trip will be payed for if you join the 'indentured servant' program!

Savhanna! The next thing in town design!

A huge social experiment is taking place! Poor? looking for a new start? Try out the new town of Savannah! With new buildings and slaves being out lawed, it is a truly a new kind of town! With planned streets and a good relation with the natives,this town will not reenact James towns beginnings.

(Answer to Qu 1 below) Georgia and Pennsylvania?

For those interested in Georgia. New homes for the poor and people in need being developed here! Many farms and well spaced towns for top notched infrastructure. Get a chance at being a great explorer like Columbus and move into the dangerous new Georgian landscape!

Those interested in Pennsylvania. Founded by a man of great faith, George Fox has started a Quaker community here and is looking to preach others! Not much social hierarchy here and thanks to the Georgian buffer you don't have to worry so much about wars from the Spanish. (Answer to Qu 2)Also thanks to William Penn, A unique kind of government s causing quite the stir. Calling for limited power for government, allowing humane fundamentals. Penn the defender of religious beleaf has saved many form the gallows. You wont find corrupt governments here thanks to William Penn.

New York and New Jersey, how? (answer to qu 4)

These two plots of land used to be under the dutch control, but now that the King James has divided it among his two freands. Now we have the two states we know today.

(Answer to Qu 5)Why North and South Carolina?

By keeping separate businesses separate, they can be more efficient in their individual roles. North Carolina mainly focuses on ship building and shipping, keeping the goods flowing to Europe. South Carolina focuses on farming, mainly their most profitable crop rice.