Health Care For The Nation

By Jackie Cisneros

Why Health Care Is A Issue ( my opinion)

Healthcare is an issue because of it's cost. Cost of insurance for the people who have insurance is rising, and at times unafordable to some. The cost for the taxpayers is at an all time high because of the uninsured people who go to the emergency room for issues that can be dealt with doctors. Healthcare needs to be affordable to every one in this country it will help the economy in so may ways.

Pictures Of President Obama's signature, cam pain poster , and President Obama

Obama's Opinion About Healthcare

Obama is the one in forcing "Obama Care". Tax payers saved over 2 billion because of the new rules that protects us from being bullied by insurance companies . " I’m familiar with how alone consumers can feel when dealing with their insurance companies. Under the health care law, insurers are finally being held accountable to their policyholders. For the first time ever, new rate review rules in the health care law prevent insurance companies in all states from raising rates with no accountability or transparency. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have received $160 million in grants to increase their oversight of premium hikes." Those are Obama's words he wants Americans to have money to go to the doctor or go to the hospital or get surgery if needed and not just go to the hospital for a cold or a headache.

Mitt Romney Opinion About Healthcare

Romney wants to to completely destroy "Obama Care." He thinks that everything that Obama sighs of on it always ends up going wrong and causing a problem for the nation. Romney is criticizing Obama Care,he is looking at all the flaws but not telling us how to fix those flaws. Romney contradicts himself in several articles he claims he would like to leave some of Obama Care intact telling Americans he dose agree with some of it. In his state of Massachusetts, he passed something like Obama Care . The truth is that it is hard to pin point exactly how Mitt Romney really feels about Obama Care.