Ibi Kaslik


Holly, a star junior athlete, and her sister Giselle, skinny, brilliant and a medical student, are very close despite there eight year age gap. Both know that the reason for Giselle's self destruction is hidden within family memories, maybe even before the family immigrated from Europe to Canada. Giselle's dad doesn't love her and maybe that was the reason for her Anorexia. Giselle is losing opportunity to work in the medical field because of her disorder and has waited her whole life for this and has to make a decision to eat or wait until her last breath. Later her dad gets a heart attack and dies while Giselle is put in the hospital due to her disorder. She eventually gains enough weight and make it home, while making cautious, awkward steps to recovery and eventually love. This was a really good book that brought out all the emotions in me making me cry and laugh. One of the best books I've read.


"Do you ever get hungry? Too hungry to eat?"

Heart Lessons

Heart lesson #1: first meeting. Remember to keep breathing.

Heart lesson #2: incisions and loss.

Heart lesson #3: post-heartbreak survival.
The heart is resilient, I mean literally.

Heart lesson #4: the unrequited heart. You can't make anyone love you back.