Family Guardian 1.8

Release Notes

What's New?

  • Uninstallation Protection: If the server has not received any data from the child's phone for more than 24 hours, an alert is generated on the portal Alert tab. If more than 48 hours, an email is sent to the parent's registered email.
  • Instant Syncing: When changes are made on the Web Portal, they are instantly pushed to the app on the child’s phone, instead of waiting for the half hour cycle to push the settings.

What did we fix?

  • “Photos not uploading” bug that was happening on some devices has been fixed.
  • Web filter now works on devices with Chrome as default browser, in addition to the Internet on other devices.
  • Improved accuracy of GPS locations.
  • App now consumes less battery.
  • Optimized speed and stability of uploads from the client to the web portal.
  • Optimized Web Portal views for large monitor sizes.

Known Issues

  • When Family Guardian is force closed, there is no way for the app to keep alive or restart itself.
  • When Family Guardian is upgraded in Google Play, user must manually open app once in order for it to keep running.

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