The Battle of Yorktown

October 9, 1781

WHERE: Yorktown, Virginia

What Happened?

The British went to Virginia and wanted to fight the colonist. General Greene pushed the British north and the French were blocking the harbor. General Greene pushed the British up to were General Washington was. When the British seen that they were trapped they surrender. The colonist won and that was the battle that ended the Revolutionary War.

Important People

Interesting Facts

  • Britain-had 8980 men, 309 died, 326 wounded, 8007 captured
  • America-had 2609 men, 72 died, 180 wounded, 0 captured
  • The battle lasted around 20 days. The American and French had around 18,000 troops, significantly outnumbering the 8,000 troops of the British.
  • The British tried to surrender to the French, but they made the British surrender to the Americans.
  • The British leader, General Cornwallis, was expecting to get reinforcements from the British Navy. When the French defeated the British Navy and prevented them from sending help, Cornwallis knew he was going to lose the battle.