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December 2021

I'd like you to imagine that we are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime - we will be going on a trip around the world that will last more than a calendar year. There will be an entire group of us traveling and all with an excitement and energy to see all the sites and explore all the adventures of the wonders of the world. Think about all the places you'd like to visit: the mountains, the oceans, pyramids, glaciers, rainforests, and anywhere else you've ever wanted to go.

Before we go, however, we have to make sure we have all our logistics lined out.

We need to make sure all our passports are updated.

We need to get all our transportation coordinated.

We have to book all our sleeping arrangements.

We have to plan our food budget.

We have to pack our clothing and accessories and make sure none of it gets lost along the way.

For over 1,000 people.

For a consecutive 365 days.

Exhausted yet?

Well, push that feeling aside for a moment, and I'd like to invite you to close your eyes. Now, imagine yourself standing in the streets of Paris, walking through the Amazon, riding on a fishing boat out in the Atlantic, or standing next to a giant pyramid. Can you feel the excitement of those opportunities? I sure do!

As we continue to move forward with our strategic planning process, the metaphor above is exactly what we are working toward. We have many tasks ahead of us to plan our great adventure and the next steps for SJCS. And, while there are many moving parts, I am excited to announce that we will have a wonderful travel agent helping to guide us through the process. Dr. Joan Wagner, recently retired President of Holy Family and St. Dominic Savio school system, will consult with us over the course of the next several months to make sure our work is coordinated to fulfill the needs and dreams of our school.

She will host several meetings and opportunities to connect over the course of the next couple of weeks that will be very helpful for you to attend (if possible) and participate. Here are the dates and information:

  • Monday, December 6th - Orientation to the Planning Process via Zoom, 7:00 PM (link forthcoming)
  • Wednesday, December 8th - Feedback Session/Working Lunch at PAC, 12:00 PM (we will provide lunch for anyone attending)
  • Thursday, December 9th - Stakeholder (Parent, Teacher, Student) Surveys sent out

Once we receive all this feedback and survey information, our SJCS Strategic Planning Team will get to work with Dr. Wagner to finalize the logistics of our travel plan when we come back in the spring.

I have great anticipation for the journey we have ahead of us and I can't wait to see what our future holds!

Go Eagles & God bless!

Mrs. Mishler

Holy Day of Obligation Dec. 8

Wednesday, December 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and a Holy Day of Obligation. Mass times are offered at the following times: 8:15 AM & 12 PM at St. Joseph Catholic Church and 9:30 AM & 5:30 PM at Christ the Good Shepherd Chapel
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Spirit of St. Joe's Celebration & Fundraiser

Join St. Joseph Catholic School for the Spirit of St. Joseph Celebration & Fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022 at the Parish Activity Center! This night will be a celebration of the successes and joys of the school year, while building a strong foundation for years to come.

We would love for our school families and community to be part of this special night. To purchase a table, click HERE.

Raffle tickets are on sale now for the Spirit of St. Joseph Fundraiser & Celebration. We encourage each student to sell at least one booklet as all proceeds go directly back to our school. That would bring in over $32,000 alone! Ticket sales will end on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. For any questions about the raffle or event, please contact Gentry Woodard at

Littles Lunches Ordering

Pricing: Elementary meals are $4.75 and Secondary meals are $6.25.

To pay for lunches, click HERE.

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Happy Advent & the St. Andrew Christmas Novena

Looking for something to keep connected with the anticipation of the Advent season? Try saying the St. Andrew Christmas Novena from now until Christmas Day. Sounds easy, huh? Well, the power of this novena is in the duration of days (more than a traditional novena) and the frequency you say it each day - 15 times!

Some history of novena is explained in the article, The Meaning and Misconceptions of the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena. The repetition of the prayer and knowledge behind it really connects with the spirit of the Advent season. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events

Dec 3 - JH Christmas Dance/Party, 7 PM

Dec 4 - Donuts with Santa @ Elementary

Dec 4 - Family BINGO Night @ Pac, 6:30 PM

Dec 6 - St. Nicholas' Feast Day

Dec 6 - Strategic Planning Meeting for Parents @ Zoom, 7 PM

Dec 8 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Holy Day of Obligation

Dec 8 - Strategic Planning Working Lunch Session @ PAC, 12 PM

Dec 10 - Santa Store @ Elementary

Dec 11 - Elementary Choir Concert

Dec 12 - Christmas Choir Concert (Secondary)

Dec 13 - Secondary Midterms

Dec 14 - Secondary Midterms

Dec 15 - Secondary Midterms

Dec 15 - Christmas Band Concert @ CGSC, 7 PM

Dec 16 - Christmas Break Begins

Jan 3 - Staff Development Day/Student Holiday

Jan 4 - 3rd Quarter Begins

Elementary Santa Store

Santa Store will be at the PAC on Friday, December 10th. All students will be given the opportunity to shop that day.

Do you love wrapping presents & helping sweet kids shop for their loved ones? We need volunteers a few days before and on the day-of to make this event a success for our students! Please sign-up using THIS LINK.

Elementary Choir Events

Choir will be singing at the Saturday Vigil Mass on Saturday, December 11 at 6:00 PM. They should arrive at 5:30 PM.

They will also get to share their beautiful voices at the Christmas Eve Mass on Thursday, December 24th at 4:00 PM. Arrival for this event is 3:30 PM.

Pre-K & Kinder Christmas Program

Our sweet Pre-K and Kindergarten students are having their Christmas program on Tuesday, December 14th at 2:15 PM in the elementary gym. Please check in at the front office to complete our visitor screener to join us for the sweetest sounds of Christmas!

JH Christmas Party

The JH Student Council will host a JH Christmas Party on Friday, December 3, 2021 from 7-9 PM. The party will take place in the secondary gym and will include music, games, a Christmas movie and snacks. There will also be an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest with a prize. Entry fee is $3. For questions, please email Claude White at

Family BINGO Night at the PAC

The HS Student Council will host a BINGO Night at the PAC on Saturday, December 4, 2021, from 6:30-8:30 PM. BINGO cards are $3 for one or two for $5. There will be prizes for winners. People of all ages welcome. There will also be drinks and snacks for purchase.

All proceeds will go to St. Vincent de Paul for the Angel Tree. For questions, please contact Claude White at

Teacher Appreciation Mini-Week

The holiday season is in full swing and we are working behind the scenes to make our school days merry and bright! Please click THIS LINK for a message from the SJCS PTO.

Midterm Schedule

The secondary campus will be following a midterm schedule for December 13th-15th. All high school courses (including 8th grade foreign language and Algebra I) except for electives will be taking midterms.

Midterms count as 10% of the student's final grade. JH students will be taking semester exams but they will only count as a major grade.

Please ensure your child is properly prepared by following the test tips below.

  1. Take good notes or complete the test review.
  2. If possible, partner study with a friend or parent. This allows you to be quizzed and notice what topics you are struggling with.
  3. Visit with your teacher before or after school if you are confused or not 100% about a topic being tested.
  4. Create a visual such as a mindmap, flash cards, graphic organizer, a picture map, sticky notes, etc.
  5. Find a good, distraction free study spot.
  6. Spread out your study time. Spending 20-30 minutes per day over several days leads to better results compared to cramming.
  7. The best way to learn is by teaching other. Practice teaching your family the materials you will be tested over.
  8. Take care of yourself by making sure you take breaks, eat healthy, move around, and partake in an activity you enjoy. A happy rested mind retains more information.
  9. Get organized by making sure you have all the materials and information you need for a successful study session.
  10. Make a calendar to space out studying so it does not become too overwhelming.

For questions about a specific midterm or test, please contact your child's teacher. For questions about the midterm schedule, please contact Mrs. Kleiber at

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