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March 2021

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Building upon the proud tradition of our diverse community at Millard South High School, we guarantee each student develops and demonstrates personal, social, and academic excellence through world-class opportunities while creating a family of Patriots.


Mrs. Heidi Weaver, Principal

Mr. Matt Geerts, Assistant Principal - 9th Grade

Mr. Brad Millard, Assistant Principal - 10th Grade

Mrs. Michaela Wragge, Assistant Principal - 11th Grade

Mr. Andy Pinkall, Assistant Principal - 12th Grade

Mr. Steve Throne, Assistant Principal - Athletic Director


Linda Poole

Dave Anderson

Stacy Jolley

Amanda McGill Johnson

Mike Kennedy

Mike Pate


March 23 ACT - 11th gr - 8:00am start

March 23 PreACT - 8:00am start

March 23 - NO SCHOOL FOR 9 & 12th grades

Extended PRIDE TIME Dates and Schedule

March 9, 2021

March 16, 2921


Block 1 - 8:00am - 9:24am

PRIDE Time - 9:30am - 10:04am

Block 2 - 10:10am - 11: 34am

Block 3 - 11:40am - 1:48pm

Block 4 - 1:54pm - 3:15pm


Monday Temporary Bell Schedule

Block 1 = 8:45 - 10:07

Block 2 = 10:13 - 11:34

Block 3 = 11:40 - 1:48

*1st Lunch = 11:40 - 12:12

*2nd Lunch = 12:12 - 12:44

*3rd Lunch = 12:44 - 1:16

*4th Lunch = 1:16 - 1:48

Block 4 = 1:54 - 3:15

Tuesday - Friday Temporary Bell Schedule

Block 1 = 8:00 - 9:35

Block 2 = 9:41 - 11:12

Block 3 = 11:18 - 1:38

*1st lunch = 11:18 - 11:50

*2nd lunch = 11:54 - 12:26

*3rd lunch = 12:30 - 1:02

*4th lunch = 1:06 - 1:38

Block 4 = 1:44 - 3:15



Main Office = 402-715-8268

Attendance Office = 402-715-8255

Counseling Office = 402-715-8436

Registration Questions? Call 402-715-8300

Parent Access Line = 402-715-8000

Computer Issues: Contact the MS Tech Department = 402-715-8298


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Now that cold weather has arrived, we need to be ready for snow! There are two options that could be selected with inclement weather days. We need to be ready for either an eLearning Day or a 2-Hour Late Start.

Utilize the Inclement Weather Page (click here)

High School (4 hours per snow day) eLearning Day

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

60 minutes per class

Each scheduled course in a block schedule, follow A Day/B Day in the A/B Block

2-Hour Late Start


Blk 1: 10:00 - 10:56

Blk 2: 11:02 - 11:58

Blk 3: 12:04 - 2:13

Lunch 1: 12:04 - 12:36

Lunch 2: 12:36 - 1:08

Lunch 3: 1:08 - 1:40

Lunch 4: 1:40 - 2:13

Blk 4: 2:19 - 3:15


**All JUNIORS MUST come to Millard South to take the ACT on Tuesday, March 23rd.

The ACT will begin at 8am.

If you have not logged into the On To College website here is how, take advantage of these great resources!

Log in: Use your FULL Millard email address

Password: tech ID password

All Juniors will follow the schedule below based on their last name. The only exceptions are remote learners or MPS Academy students.

Red Group: Last Name A-G

White Group: Last Name H-O,

Blue Group: Last Name P-Z

*Remote learners will attend during the 2nd block session each week.

**MPS Academy Students will attend the 4th Block Live Session each week

ACT Prep events

Thursday Feb 25th: On To College Kick-off

Red Group (A-G) 8:15-8:35 AM

White Group (H-O) 8:45-9:05 AM

Blue Group (P-Z) 9:15-9:35 AM

**This session will not be streamed and Academy students are not expected to attend because they will be at their academy during this time.

Friday, Feb 26 (B-Day): Live OTC SESSION #1 (Lesson focus: ENGLISH)

Red Group (A-G) 8:00-9:35 AM

White Group (H-O) 9:41-11:12 AM (remote learners)

Blue Group (P-Z) 1:44-3:15 PM (MPS Academy students)

Friday, Mar 5 (A-Day): Live OTC SESSION #2 (Lesson focus: SCIENCE & READING)

Blue Group (P-Z) 8:00-9:30 AM

Red Group(A-G) 9:41-11:12 AM (remote learners)

White Group(H-O) 1:44-3:15 PM (MPS Academy students)

Tuesday, Mar 9th: ACT Non-testing information completion during Pride Time

All students will log-in during Pride Time to go through the MyACT site to complete this important section.

Wednesday, Mar 10th and Thursday, Mar 11th: Practice ACT

Wednesday, Mar 10th- A-L

Thursday, Mar 11th-M-Z and ALL MPS Academy students

**More details will be posted in Google Classroom on the Class of 2022 page!

Friday, Mar 19 (A-Day): Live OTC SESSION #3 (Lesson focus: SCIENCE, MATH Review)

White Group (H-O) 8:00-9:30 AM

Blue Group (P-Z) 9:41-11:12 AM 9remote learners)

Red Group (A-G) 1:44-3:15 PM (MPS Academy students)

Monday Mar 22nd: On To College ACT Review

6:30pm-8:30pm MSHS Cafeteria

**This session will not be streamed.


Tuesday Mar 23rd: ACT Day!

Testing begins at 8am for all Juniors! There is not any regular school after the ACT!

All remote learners MUST come to the building for the ACT. This is a State and District Assessment and is not excused because of remote learning.

If you have any questions please email Mrs. Wragge


Tuesday March 23rd


ACT (JUNIORS) 8:00am-12:45pm

PreACT (SOPHOMORES) 8:00-11:30am

NO SCHOOL FOR Freshmen & Seniors

On March 23 current 11th graders will be taking the ACT. The test MUST be completed in person. This test is required by MPS as well as the State of Nebraska and satisfies MPS graduation requirements with specific scores in Reading and Math. If you are a parent/guardian of an 11th grader please check your email for a form that needs to be completed for the ACT. The original email came from Mrs. Michaela Wragge on Jan 11, 2021.

In addition to the ACT, the PreACT will be given to all 10th grades on the same day and can satisfy graduation requirements if needed. Students MUST complete the test in person.

If you have any questions about assessment requirements please reach out to Michaela Wragge


Each month there will be a drawing from the list of student names that teachers have submitted for displaying acts of the Patriot Way. A few have been selected for perfect attendance and good grades.

Congratulations to our January winners: Misael Andrade, Parker Bayless, Kristine Brannan, Carson Chatten, Drew Devries, Zoe Dozier, Torin Edwards, Tessa Engelhart, Dylan Headrick, Vontay Jackson, Kolby Larkin, Vincent Leonard, Adrianna Long, Madison Meissner, Caeden Olin, Lucille Petrick, Jakobi Suverkrubbe, Ace Thompson, Travion Weavor, Morgan Wessel.

Congratulations to our February winners: Carter Ainsworth, Nigel Ballard, Carleigh Barrientos, Hailey Burkhardt, Nate Cronin, Wilson Dittman, Grace Fegter, Nathan Freeman, Alexander Gamblin, Arriana Gibilsco, Riley Hoffmeister, Cali Jenkins, Kaleb Kessler, Jayven Leggett, Taylor Lewis, Olivia Lodu, Gage Mack, Jaiyda Martin, Talik Runge, Marha Steffens.


Throughout the year, we like to recognize students who have excelled in one endeavor or another. If you know of someone who has excelled in any activity or community contribution, please email Kathy Cinotto @
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Patriots Care Pantry Family Pantry Night

The Patriots Care Pantry is having their monthly Family Night on Tuesday, March 16 from 5:00pm-6:00pm. More information here.

2021-2022 New Student Registration is Now Open!

If you have a new student that will be attending Millard Public Schools for the 2021-22 school year, you may now register them. To register your new student to Millard please navigate to and select the Registration and Enrollment link. Completing your student's online registration for Millard South will allow us to send you important information regarding new student enrollment. If you have applied to attend Millard Public Schools using the Option Enrollment Process, you may not complete online registration until your student has been accepted. Option Enrollment approved students will be notified after April 1st.

Materials Community Review

We welcome you to review the instructional materials our staff has selected to support the

Millard Education Program.

March 18 and March 23

6:30pm to 8:00pm

Don Stroh Administration Center

5606 South 147th St.

For more information, here is the link.


Safe2Help 531-299-7233

24/7 trained crisis counselors who can assist students, parents and community members with school safety related concerns. Information can be submitted anonymously. The information can be related to harmful, dangerous or violent activity(or even a threat of activity) that is directed at schools, students or staff members.

Nebraska Family Helpline 1-888-866-8660

The Helpline is supervised by licensed mental health professionals and is a service of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provided by Boys Town.

Methodist Hospital Emotional Support Hotline 402-815-8255 (TALK)

Available daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

This service is a way for people to reach out and connect with someone who can help find solutions for managing stress, anxiety and other challenges. The support line is staffed by licensed professional counselors from the Methodist Hospital Community Counseling Program. The counselors can assist callers who may be experiencing feelings such as: fear, anxiety, sadness, depression.

Behavioral Telehealth Consultation Clinic

UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) is offering up to TWO FREE behavioral consultation sessions in English or Spanish. This service is available to families regardless of insurance coverage. To schedule an appointment call 402-559-6408 and state you are interested in scheduling with the free telehealth consultation clinic.


Click here to see the annual asbestos letter to parents, students and staff of Millard South.




Do you need your Synergy ParentVUE login and password? Call or email the Millard Parent Access Line.